Ep 04 Energy Vampires and How to Balance and Bounce Back

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In today’s episode, we are talking all about the energy vampires you have in your life and how to deal with the energy drainers and how to balance it out. 
What I cover this episode;
[2:52] – What to do to as an action to counter this energy drain
[3:25] – How to talk to that person who is an energy vampire
[3:45] – This is how I deal with energy vampire family members
[4:30] – How I balance out the negativity then and there
[4:45] – When the energy vampire is a thing
[6:55] – How to extract negative energy from your body
[7:20] – What I do additionally
[7:35] – Other things you can do to increase your positive energy
[7:53] – Why you need to move your body
[9:35] – Additional alternatives to protect your energy or increase it.
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