15 Easy Free Ways on How To Be Open to Improve and Better Yourself

We all dream of something that we want to accomplish, live or to better yourself. We usually want to be the better one in our dreams one way or another. But we seldom take serious actions to make it a reality. That is the most important difference between daydreamer and successful daydreamer people.

If we were enough the way we are to become the dream us, we would already be there. Obviously, we are not there because we are still dreaming about x,y,z. This means that we need to change for the better.

I am not talking about changing your personality, I am talking about changing your habits.

You will read 15 FREE things you can do to become the dream you. It will take time to become the dream you! I am not giving a magic pill here! But the more you do it, the faster it will become a reality.

And a thought for you to digest so that putting effort doesn’t seem like you are getting nowhere.

The more time it takes to accomplish a habit, the longer it will stay with you.

Shall we change your life for the better? Are you ready? Take your tea or coffee with you cuz we are cruising this blog post ?

Wild Goals (aka Your Dreams)

I want you to take a piece of paper (ok maybe 2!) and write down EVERYTHING you want in life. Everything. All money related things, materialistic things, the skills you want to master, the things you want to accomplish, your family life, personal growth journey, business, you name it!

You don’t want to miss out on anything. Write down whatever comes to mind.

When the scribble is over make a clean copy of it.

I want you to group the things you have written down so that it is easier to see what you want out of life. It could be travel, family, business, hobbies, shopping, house etc. You name it, it’s your dream life.

Write a Letter From the Dream You to the Today You

Now that you have written down everything you want to accomplish, buy or experience in life its time to go there. Get ready to have a paper and pen with you.

I want you to put aside the dream paper (don’t look at it) and close your eyes for 30-60sn and breath. While you are doing it, I want you to FEEL the dream you that you wrote down on your dream paper.

Just feel it. Just take it in and make sure that every cell in your body knows that you are living the dream. When the excitement calms down and you become aligned (one) with the dream, it’s time to write.

I want you to write to your today. Think of it as “What you want to tell you 15-year-old self” kinda thing. You are already there and living the dream. What would you tell to yourself who lives in TODAY?

What would you recommend? How would you describe your day in the dream life? What would you advice to do? What would you say you should NOT do? How do your work-life look like? Your family? Relationships? Health?

Write as much as you want. Say whatever you want.

Make a List of Actions to Become The Dream You

Now that you have received an insider letter from the dream you, it is time to become her/him.

What can you do to become the dream you? Add anything and everything you possibly can do. Don’t limit yourself to what you can do today. Somethings can be done in the future when you have better possibilities or economy so don’t miss out on putting them into your action list.

When you have listed your action steps. I want you to separate them into 4 groups.

  1. Free Actions that I can do Now/Near Future
  2. Free Actions that I can only do in the future
  3. Paid Actions I can do Now/Near Future
  4. Paid Actions I can do in the future

This will make things much clearer and will simplify what you CAN do TODAY.

Push Yourself

Now that you have your action steps ready and clear it is time to take a step. Just one small step.

Take one of those free action steps that you can do now, TODAY. What can you do now? You don’t have to finish or accomplish the task itself as a whole, just one of the steps.

Let say it is journaling. You can buy the journal today. That is one step to take action to the dream you.

You need to push yourself to take action. TODAY. Because if you don’t take action today you will never be where you want to be in your dream life tomorrow. It will be in a much further future where it will be harder to grasp.

You need to push yourself to feel uncomfortable. Feeling uncomfortable is where you will grow and change.


You need to have your eyes on the prize.

Have a daily or weekly look at your dream paper or the letter you wrote to yourself. I recommend to do it daily. You need to keep being reminded of the beauty of the dream you and how you are living in it.

You need to visualize it in order for your brain and in turn yourself to believe in the possibility of it really happening.

This will also motivate you to take daily actions.

Be positive

Positivity is what will be your fuel and drive force to get you where you want to be. Therefore you need to keep yourself in the good mood as humanly possible. Because we ALL have bad days and it is fine! Just keep in mind that you need to get to the positivity wagon as fast as possible.

Exercising is a good way to keep yourself happy. Endorphins will keep you positive for a longer period of time. You can listen to good music or whatever makes you happy to support that hormonal happiness.

All of us are having setbacks from time to time and to get back to the track is much easier when you know how to get back to the positive and happy you.


One of the ways to keep going and don’t give up is to journal.

You can write your daily process. You can write to yourself as in the future and give advice or encouragements to the past you (you in now).

Writing daily affirmations and gratitude is a great way to use a journal and support your journey and positivity.

This will be something for you to keep up with the hard work.

Eliminate Negativity

This is both simple and hard to do.

You can eliminate the actions that bring you negativity every time you do it. These eliminations could be as simple as watching the news, following negative people on social media, meeting with whining friends for coffee.

Then there is hard stuff like cutting off people from your life. Those that will not add ANY value to your life what so ever. You need to find the way to take action about it as well.

You will have negative people in your life that is family and you simply can’t cut out of your life. I have them! There are some ways to deal with them.

  • Don’t get into argument on silly subjects (any, if possible). Either keep quiet and nod your head while they are talking about something that you can’t invest your energy in while thinking about something dreamy.
  • See them less.
  • Talk to them about their behaviors that make you feel uncomfortable or that is bringing you down.
  • Shower them with positivity and kindness. Try to convert them into positivity without burning yourself out.

Don’t be afraid to Ask (for guidance/feedback)

If you want to become the dream you, you need to be guided there. By yourself or by others who have taken the steps to the place where you want to be.

If you want to become an epic blogger just ask them on social media how they did it. They probably have it written in their blogs.

If you want to become a sponsored traveler ask those who are already doing it. How did they do it? How much investment did they make when they started out?

If you are doing some stuff on your own, don’t be afraid to ask someone you look up to take a look at your stuff. It never hurts. They might not have the time, no worries. You are advancing your skill of asking and being brave for your dreams.

You can ask your online friends if they have bought an online course or ebook that they can share with you. Some might not find this ethical, some won’t have any problem with it. I wouldn’t have a problem with it and would share if I was close to the person asking so that I know (s)he will really use it.

P.S. I am currently writing an E-book about transforming where you can get a chapter for free. You can click here and receive updates and you will be receiving information others won’t.

P.S.S.You can always ask me stuff via my social media. It is Denis Tunca on every platform like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter.

Invest in yourself

You need to invest in growing yourself as a person. It doesn’t have to be paid.

You have all the things you need online in YouTube, Instagram, Facebook Groups, Podcasts, Blogs.

I have been growing so much as a person thanks to podcasts. I am always trying to explore new ones. Some are good for my taste some are not. At least I know who it is. When I find the gold I binge listen ?

I take notes and write down stuff. One word of their can sometimes inspires me so much that I write a whole page out of it and use it in something I publish or in my training.

Get a Mentor or Coach

You might think how this can be for free?! Get ready for here comes the info!

If you search for coaches online and find someone that has a smaller amount of following, they are probably just starting out. You can ask them if you can get 1-2 coaching sessions for free in turn for your testimonial.

I have given some for free, I can still give out some if I believe the request is authentic. You can contact me via my email mail@denistunca.com1 or my Instagram account, just message me. Just click here to get there.

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Level up your skills

If you have found the special power that you have and that you want to share with the world, then go ahead and get better at it. If you haven’t found it out yet, go over to my blog post and read to see what your purpose in life is. It will take you places.

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Simplify your journey. Things don’t have to be hard or complicated. You can break down your goals into minor and easier ones.

You can do some small investments to try out the water in a specific area of expertise. This will make things much clearer for you to make a decision.

Set up a rutin or systems where you can do batch work or put minimum effort into your dream.

Measure your improvement

It is a good thing to measure where you started and where you are now.

You can do that by controlling your journal. Have your thoughts changed? Have your affirmations changed? The thing you write to yourself, what has happened to them?

Your dreams? Are you closer to them? How much have you gotten closer?

If you can track your improvement you will have the motivation to move forward. That is the reason why you should at least have any kind of measurement so see your journey.

You can track business achievements, emotional changes, relationships, your skills. Whatever you want to get better at.

Fake it till you make it

I love this one. You need to trick your brain into becoming the true you. You need to act like the dream you so that your brain will actually believe in it.

Your brain won’t know the difference when you are faking it. Fake it until it becomes the new you.

Ready for the new you?

I hope that these bullet points will be able to guide you to where you want to be.

I am, as you know, always available to you for FREE as long as you can book a call with me. We can figure out if you need any help and how I can help you. You will at least leave with a strategy in your hand to pursue your dream.

If you want to have the support of others in a group coaching programme, head over to my Business with Soul University and register your interest.

Which of these steps did you like the most? Share with me in the comments.

15 Easy Ways on How To Be Open to Improve and Better Yourself for FREE

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  2. These are really great tips. Letter is the best one. The goals or dreams should be documented and tracked to take actions on them. Really impressive.

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