17 Simple Time Management Hacks That Will Bring Success and Freedom Into your Life and Business

This post will be about time management and planning that will take you to your ultimate dream and success.

I hope that you see the trend here in the blog. Here is the reminder, to improve your life, job, business, blog or whatever you want to improve is my intention here. I am doing this both for you AND me.

Writing these things is a good way for me to remind myself of the small steps that will have a big impact later on in the big picture.

Before I get into this awesome blog post I want to remind you about one of my previous posts where I write about how you can release the stress you are feeling due to poor time management or planning.

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Let’s dive in into these small but effective time management tips that will help you out and free your time.


Clutter is not your brains friend. I am not the tidiest person on earth, I know that! But having a clear sight on your desk will ease your brain.

When you have stuff all over the desk you will see them and lose your focus. You might start thinking about totally different things.

Tidy space will make it easier to focus on your tasks. It will release the inner stress.


All of us have a billion things to do and we feel the urgency in all of them. We know ALL cannot be urgent, be honest now!

One important tip that I will give you here is to think like a CEO.

When you are the CEO you need to think about the company’s profitability, action steps that need to be taken in order to reach set goals.

If you are the CEO of your dream company, how would you choose the tasks and rate them depending on their priority and make a list of it?

There is two simple categorization system that you can use to prioritize your tasks.

You can either categorize them into dates that they need to be taking action on.

  • Today – to do
  • This week –  to do
  • A certain date – to do
  • To do anytime

Or you can categorize your to-do list depending on the urgency and importance. Which will be something like this;

  • Urgent important – do it today
  • Urgent not important – delegate
  • Not urgent but important – plan it ASAP
  • Not urgent, not important – dump or postpone.


Planning is probably one of the most important things to become successful.

You need to do the work backward. You need to set your goal to a specific date (like a launch) or yearly/quarterly. Then you need to break down your planning into smaller action steps that will be easy to actually do and not overwhelm you.

If you are stressed about not completing your daily tasks then just put one task daily. When you have done it, add another from your bigger list. This way you won’t feel bad or stressed seeing all the points that are waiting for you.

Be Effective

All of us have different effective hours in the day and we need to track those hours to put our biggest or hardest task for the day.

If you a morning person you might want to do all your important work until noon and do the unimportant tasks in the afternoon or do other business-related tasks.


You need to focus on your goal and the outcome you want to have.

I personally think you should focus on two things;

  1. What matters you the most.
  2. What matters your business the most

Which steps will take you one step closer to your dream and next level?

These will help you to focus on the job. You will be motivated to get a step closer to your dream.

Only take on what you can finish

If you have daily tasks, choose tasks that you can finish. If they are a bit bigger tasks then divide it into smaller bits but get those small fellas finished on set date or time.

Finish the job

Finish it no matter what. If you know you will finish the task no matter what, there is not much room left for procrastination.

Stop Procrastinating

ALL of us procrastinate. One thing or another.

The important job here is to know the WHY behind the procrastinating. Is it fear? Fear of not believing in yourself? Fear of not finishing it? Are you running from the outcome because of your subconscious beliefs?

Stop Multitasking

This is being promoted as if it is a good thing. Multitasking is easy, but not effective to do when working on your business.

It will take you much more time to finish it due to you won’t be able to concentrate on your tasks. It will also not give the great result you need due to lack of concentration.

Remove Distractions

Turn off your alarms, notifications, and tabs on your browser. I think we all know why. Don’t we?

Set Reminders

Set yourself reminders of your goals and actions that need to be taken if you forget things.


Batching, to do one type of thing while you are in the groove.

Let say you brainstorm on your monthly themes on a weekday. You will write as many themes for each month. When the theme is set, you will go over to decide on what posts you will share in those months.

You can do one type of task on a specific day or time period.  You could write your blog posts on a specific day. That day or hours will be your writing hours.

Use a planning program to plan your social media posts and do a monthly preparation and send them automatically.

Brain Dump Your Thoughts

This is one of my favorites. Use whatever you like to dump your brain at. If something comes up in your brain in the middle of a task, just write it somewhere on your phone or a paper and get on with your task.

Do not focus on what shows up in your brain as an idea. It will ruin your concentration and productivity.

Decline Additional Commitments

You need to be realistic with your time management and the time you have. Every additional thing (mail subscription, online course, a business branch) that adds to your plate needs to be thought of carefully.

Is this important to my success? Will this help me to reach my dream goal?

Filter your decision with whichever question(s) you want and make a decision based on your answers.

Delegate Tasks

If you are not great at doing some tasks just delegate it. Hire a VA, friend, a college student whoever that will help you to do that work/task greatly.

You need to focus on your own brilliance and not being dragged down by tasks that will not make you happy, not bring great results nor make good results for your business.

Simple ha?

Break big projects into steps

I have already mentioned this above in other topics but I needed to remind you that a journey starts with a small step. Break your big projects into small ones and get closer to your goal a step at a time.

Block Time

This doesn’t work for me but works wonders for others.

This is basically setting a set time to do a specific task. Let say between 10 am to 11 am is blog post writing time. 2 pm to 2.30 pm is social media management time.

You get what I mean. This specific method does not suit me but others have been able to get to the next level with this method.

Use an Online Task Planner

I personally use Asana but there are others that use Trello and there are really no big differences between them. These project manager journals can be used for free or you can bring along your team and do your planning there where you can communicate about.

You can use it for your launch, product planning, clients, to-do lists you name it. Everything you put on a paper can be put in these online journals.

Finishing up for you here…

You need to get into the mentality of things. It is not about one thing or all of the 17 above.

You need to create a pattern that suits you like a glove where you do not get bored or stressed with the tasks you need to do.

Over to you know. What hacks do you use to reach your goals?

2 thoughts on “17 Simple Time Management Hacks That Will Bring Success and Freedom Into your Life and Business

  1. Hi Denise,
    Your blog is awesome. Time management is life management. And it looks very easy on the surface but when we have to do lot of things, we get lost. Atleast I get lost. I really need to be efficient at time management. Great ideas.

    1. Thank you for your warm thoughts 🙂 It made me so happy! ALL OF US get lost from time to time, it’s only human. We only need to recoup and focus on the end goal, which is our dream. We may change the way we operate but the desire for our dream is always there and it will motivate us to keep moving on. Love the name of your website BTW! 🙂

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