Ready for a dreamy 2019?

Would you like to make 2019 the year that changed your life for good?

Where you can live your life from your heart’s desire? All the answers are there, shall we have a look at what it says?


There is a Full Moon in Cancer 22nd of December.


That full moon is a new start and beginning for the following 3 months ahead. 

It is a TURNING POINT for a new season in your life. 

Where energetically is perfect timing to plan and focus on 2019 on what you want to do, where you want to travel, what you want to accomplish and much more!


I want you to join me between the dates 25-30th December. I know it is just past holidays but this is important. The dates and the energy is just perfect to make the most incredible heartfelt changes to your life and your business to have THE YEAR in 2019, where your dreams come true one by one.


This full moon will be the best time to connect with your heart and find meaning in your dreams and desires. Finding ways to be yourself while accomplishing every single dream you want to live. 


What will be done to transform for 2019?

Day 1 – Releasing the old and focusing on the new

Day 2 – How to make a Vision Board and the importance of it

Day 3Quantum Leap, what it is and how to do it

Day 4 – How to set Goals and Plans for 2019

Day 5– Setting Rutines to reach your dreams and How to do it

    You will get tools to work with for the future!

You will be receiving worksheets, audio recordings and inspirational emails during those 5 days 🙂 These goodies will be used your whole life is you want to, so they are valuable! 


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