Ep 26 Word of the Year and How to do your 2020 Vision Board

In today’s episode, I am sharing an easy way to stay focused on your goals for 2020. HOw you can keep the motivation, your mood and focus on point through a vision board that you create.

You are responsible for your frequency.

If you want to see my vision board feel free to watch the live video in my FB Group – Your Butterfly Effect
🎙 What I cover in this episode;
[2:30] – Pick your WORD for 2020
[2:55] – My word for 2020
[3:30] – Different types of vision boards
[5:00] – How I do my vision board
[6:40] – How I included my daughter into making my vision board
[10:15] – Where to put the board
[10:55] – Where to find images or text to put on the board
[12:40] – Which colors to use to attract Wealth Energy

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