3 Things Everyone Has to Start Their Own Business to Work From Home and How To Do It

Finding what you can do as your business and how to start work from home is not that hard.

In my previous blog post What is Your Life Purpose and How to Find it was mostly about the inner you. How you will be fulfilled, how you can easily find your motivation, drive and how that can be the superpower of yours.

Today, I am going to bring something out of you guys that you can use to build a business that you love and like. The joy to work from home is priceless if you are enjoying every second of your business and let’s see if we can manage to find one for you!

There are three things that all of us possesses and that can be used to find what kind of job you want to do to reach your dreams.




Now, these 3 will be found in any human being. So this means that ANYONE can build a business they love!

Maybe some Debby downers would say “But not all succeed!”. Yeap! That is totally correct!

Success is another part of a business that requires a good mix of determination, ideal client, and exposure. I can cover those in the next blog post for you. How those can make your business to earn money.

Now to the part that excites me the most! This is one of the best and fun parts of my coaching!

I love to dig deep into peoples pasts, emotions and mental blocks. It’s such a mysterious thing and you never know what you will be facing!

It is at the same time sad to see that people will hold themselves back just because the society, their family or their experience has molded it for them. Another blog topic to deep dive in 😊 But rest assured that we will surpass them together.

3 Things Everyone Has to Start Their Own Business to Work From Home and How To Do It
3 Things Everyone Has to Start Their Own Business to Work From Home and How To Do It

OK time to get into the subject for real!

The features that I mentioned above will give you your answer but it needs to be a balanced and combined outcome of these three.

You may have a couple of outcomes and that is totally fine. You will not know what will feel the best unless you try it. I tried many things before started to question why I didn’t want all these jobs then I found my life purpose.

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Passion is a very interesting word. Dictionary is giving me “a very strong feeling” but I find it kinda lacking.

Passion for me is something that you want to do to feel good, better, productive, fulfilled and something that you can do 24/7 without getting bored.

Passion is not your skills.

I don’t want you to think about what you are good at. Nope, that is not passion.

I was pretty good at math during my student years but that was not something I wanted to do with my education or life. My passion was science and research. You all know by now that it didn’t work out due to my life choices. You can get a bit of that information in my About Me page.

Imagine something you can work with for 5-10 years and do it day in and day out. Something creative. This doesn’t have to be an actual product. Creating information, music, app, anything goes under the creation umbrella as long as it is sourced by you.

Keep in mind that something you are good at can have a creative outcome as well. If you are good at organizing stuff, you can have a business about that. You can organize other peoples spaces where you are creating simplicity.

You are unique in your way of thinking and execution.

This doesn’t need to be something that the world has never seen. It can be something that is already out there but is done uniquely by you that appeals to your ideal clientele.

I am not the first coach in this world nor will I be the last one but I do things unique to me. Why am I special and unique from other business coaches?

Because I look into YOU first. I care first and foremost about you because your business is YOU! Finding the holes, strengthen the weaknesses, build the new beliefs in you and then move on to your business is my way to work with clients

My life purpose is to help. My passion is to reveal the true powerful person you are and make you believe it!

Now tell me this.

What is the one thing that winds you down?

What is the thing that you love to do? Something that you create.

Is this something you can sell or offer?

Is there anything you do for free and just for fun for your near and dear that you are good at?

Now think about these and continue to the next feature.


Experience is important. But this is divided into three different types of experience.

  1. Professional Experience
  2. Past Experiences
  3. Current Experiences (Gained Experience)

Your Professional Experiences are your experience in your job, in a corporate world. What your profession is about and something you know like the back of your hand.

This is very valuable in every possible way, especially if you want to continue doing it as your own business. Otherwise, this is a good experience that gives you information about how you are when working with some as a team, how to keep track of to-do lists, being goal oriented etc.

Past Experiences are your experiences that don’t include your profession.

This could be something you used your passion and talent for your friends and family. Your advice to better something in someone’s life. Something people come to you to ask for and gives you praises for your knowledge/talent.

Current Experiences (Gained Experience) are the ones that you gain by education, courses or by a customer you serve to gain experience.

This is something you ADD to your experiences purposefully. There is a thought behind your actions and that is to gain experience or knowledge to use is in your business is key.

Are you willing to take this step and invest in you?


This is the part of YOU that comes into the picture. In Turkish we have a saying “Everyone has their way of eating yogurt”. Everyone has their own style when working.

Even if you are doing  EXACTLY the same thing to the point with someone, you will do it totally differently.

You need to think of how you should present this passion of yours to the world. This is critical actually.

This will guide your business in a direction that suits you in the online world.

Why? Because here is the part you decide on if you want to do something one-on-one, or if you only want to get connected online, or have a shop and sell a product without any actual human connection etc. The list will go on but you understand me.

Some just don’t have the patience with people, some are the opposite and love the connection itself.

Others are shy and work best behind their computers or desk creating their products.

Some love giving group coachings, others just create a course and educate people in that way.

Do you understand? Answer these questions to get some clear answers;

What are you willing to do regarding the human interaction?

How much of hands-on occasions do you want to have or can handle?

What will allow you to do YOU? Can you bend and stretch your character depending on the situation without losing the true you?

3 Things Everyone Has to Start Their Own Business to Work From Home and How To Do It
3 Things Everyone Has to Start Their Own Business to Work From Home and How To Do It

Your business

All three of these and the answers you gave will give you an idea of what you can do with your life or what you want to do as a business owner and how to work from home.

I recommend you to think futuristic about your business.

Think this; 5 years from now you have a successful business and earn however much you want. When you have a picture in your mind continue with these questions.

Is this business a “one-man show” where no-one else will be able to do what you do?

Your position or talent, is it critical for business survival?

Is your business still a “work from home” business or have you a new office in a new location?

Have you a team working for you?

How many customers or clients are you reaching out to?

Is your business reaching international or just national customers?

Can your product (if anything physical) be mass manufactured?

Now you know better

I strongly believe in working smart. The more you know what you want to do in detail, the more you will know what to do for your business and do less work.

The more you know about your product or service, the better picture can you draw to your potential clients.

You can if you want to…

As I said in the beginning. You and everyone can find their ideal work from home job by answering these questions. But the question is WHO WILL TAKE ACTION AND CONTINUE DOING SO WITH EVERY SINGLE PROBLEM THAT HITS THEM ON THE WAY TO THEIR DREAM?

This is where the difference between failed and succeeded business is.

I’ll give you guarantee that you will have setbacks, problems, unmotivated days, uninspired days, sickness and many more things that will hinder you to do your work.


If you have given me your answers as YES!, YES!, YES! Then book a call with me and I will give you a 30 minutes call FOR FREE and guide you along the way. We can talk about a roadmap that you can follow to accomplish those dreams and goals of yours!

Now tell me about your dream job. Does it fit into your passion, character, and experience?

3 Things Everyone Has to Start Their Own Business to Work From Home and How To Do It

3 Things Everyone Has to Start Their Own Business to Work From Home and How To Do It3 Things Everyone Has to Start Their Own Business to Work From Home and How To Do It

10 thoughts on “3 Things Everyone Has to Start Their Own Business to Work From Home and How To Do It

  1. I agree! All three of those things are really important in having a work-from-home business. I think that integrity is a 4th one that is incredibly important. Lots of people have passion and plenty of personality, but aren’t willing to run their business honestly and with integrity, and that’s unfortunate.

    1. That is so true! But that is, unfortunately, nothing we can affect and need to ask some questions in order to know if they are legit. Thank you for your comment 🙂

    1. Thank you for the lovely comment. My passion is for women to build businesses where they are happy and successful. For success, we need to have a bigger and greater meaning behind our actions in order for us to become successful and motivated.

  2. Wow, I needed some extra Motivation for my business. It’s only 6 months old and sometimes I want to give up because it’s hard. But, I’ll bookmark this and think about how I can harness my passion to grow my web publishing and fitness business.
    I like to help people but I’m also shy and I feel it keeps me from being able to truly be my best.

    1. Love your comment Estelita! Being shy is usually a way to hinder yourself to accomplish what you dream of. Think about your love for your fitness and the results you can give to your clients. The joy they feel by achiving their goals! I bet you get filled with joy and excitement! Would you have problem talking when you feel that way? No! When the shyness creeps in think “It’s about serving them. Tgis is not about me. If I get shy I won’t be able to help them in the best possible way. I know I can change their life with my knowledge and experience.” That will help you break your shyness 😊 Hope this helps 😊

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