4 Pillars to Building a Successful Business

Building a business, becoming a business owner and also make it a successful one is probably most of our dreams. Because successful business means great income, free time and enjoyable life. Doesn’t it? But it has a price, nothing is for free you know.

Even though making a business successful is easy, it actually is very hard at the same time.

There are 4 pillars that will hold a business successful.

  1. Business Niche
  2. Ideal Client
  3. Exposure
  4. Determination

I will go through these pillars and give you as much information as I can without boring you and making you confused about it.

These pillars are vital for you to stick out in the crowd in the best possible way ?

Take your tea or coffee cuz it seems like I just can’t write short blog posts.?

Time to dive into your business!

There are some things that need to be very specific with your business (the more specific the more success) and other details are all fine if you want to keep it broadly. There are different approaches and thoughts about it as well.

Your Business Niche

Niche means a specific area of your expertise that your business is helping with.

There are too many people talking about having a niche. I mean it is the trend nowadays.

Me personally, both agree with it and don’t. It totally depends on where you are in your business.

If you are a full seasoned business I would recommend for you to be as specific as possible with what your expertise is so that you can get your business to another level.

But due to I am writing to you who wants or recently started your business I do not want you to be stressed about this topic unnecessarily.

Niche down but don’t stress about it

Here’s what I mean by that. You know your passion and your experiences around your business. (Have a read on what you need to have to build your business here.)

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You should be as specific as possible about it (sure!), but most of us do not know if we want to work with our niche or if we want to tweak it to something else.

So do not feel stressed about having it written in the stars (having Pink in my ears now) just as you start your business.

It takes time to feel, think and act on your niche. It does! This doesn’t have to mean that you are not clear on what you want, but what we think can be a bit different when we are actually facing it.

Ask yourself these questions to get your answers about WHAT NICHE your business will be about.

  • What will your business be helping with?
  • What is your specialty expertise as service/product?
  • How are you helping them solve their problem with this service/product?

Do you see how you get more specific by asking some simple questions? These answers are very broad but also very specific if you take a look at the story that comes up with your answers.

Let me answer them with an example;

I want to help parents/grandparents to be able to give their loved ones (children) handmade toys. My specialty is customizable handmade toys. I am helping them to give something special, customizable and valuable gift that can be saved as a memory for life. Can even be passed down to generations.

Just remind yourself of WHY you want to do this. That will go back to your life purpose. Why are you so passionate about working on this subject? Why do need the feel to help others with this problem? Your why will give most of your answers to you.

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Your Ideal client will give you more details about your business

Now to the other important pillar of your business. Your ideal client…

Everyone is raving about this! OMG, how big of an issue is this? People get nightmares when they don’t have their ideal client ready to the point!

It is very important and vital for your business to know who you are serving, duh(!) it is one of the pillars of this post. But that ideal client for you, who is only starting out, can be changeable.

Let me start by saying that your ideal client is YOU. Yes, you heard me! It is you!

Because you solved your own problem, right? You have a way, solution, system to solve a certain problem.

You can always start from there. Write down your specific information like;

  • gender,
  • age,
  • marital status,
  • if you have kids, are you employed somewhere,
  • what specific problem did you have,
  • what was the pain points,
  • which feelings did you have regarding your problem,
  • how did it feel like to get rid of it?

Pain points are the pain your customer are feeling/facing due to their problems.

Let me take the one example above.

You are a grandma and want to give your grandchild a special toy. Something that they can both play, cherish but also keep it as a memory their whole life as a gift from grandma. Maybe even pass it on to their own children.

Your toy (you don’t have to be a grandma in this example to face this problem but you could!) will solve this problem for your customer. Your product will answer their needs. It will, therefore, solve their problems.

What are the pain problems here?

You know your story and your pain points;

Why couldn’t others help you but you?

What were the problems that you solved with your own product/service?

How can you improve the life of your customer with your service/product?

Write down as much of information as you can about yourself and do your market research based on the client you want to serve.

Where are they hanging online? Facebook? Instagram? LinkedIn?

Are they hanging offline in different meetings/conferences/fairs?

Where do they buy their solutions? Online? Face to face? Feeling and touching the product before buying? Farmers market?

When you know how they act to solve their problem it gets easier to hunt them down and show yourself right in front of them. Then you can go and say “I know your problem. I can solve it with this!”.

You will be the one sent from heaven because you will know exactly how they feel, how to approach them and how to solve their problems.

It will be an easy conversation with your ideal client from your side and gives him/her the feeling of “She knows exactly how I feel and how this is a problem for me. I can trust her with this, she can solve it” and if you back up your business with testimonials, BANG! You have your paying customer!


This is both easy and hard! You need to be strategic with your exposure and don’t want to be randomly everywhere.

You want to be where your ideal clients are and where you feel you can put your efforts in.

There are trends that will change over time, for instance, these last 6-12 months have been the era of live sendings. Either it is on Facebook or Instagram, going live is bringing you much wanted exposure.

This will change with added new features to social media platforms. You need to be prepared to act accordingly as long as you feel it will add value to your business.

Don’t hold back just because you feel it is not comfortable. You need to push yourself and stretch that comfort zone of yours. The line after the comfort zone is where you are growing as a person.

Depending on your service/product you might need to be attending some offline festivals/fairs/markets to show your business. This can be also nerve-racking due to you will be face to face in front of so many people that will go past you or will interact with you.

Do not do this alone even if you are the only one in your business. Take a friend with you that you can trust on knowing your product or service when people ask her/him about it.

Think of this as an opportunity for word of mouth marketing, exposure to local customers, experiencing how your product/service is perceived by the customer and what questions come with it. It is a perfect marketing research opportunity for you to better your message to your clientele.

The big exposure

People will see you as the expert when they see you in magazines, newspapers, talk shows etc. So make sure that you start to get local exposure in your community and then expand that circle of yours to bigger opportunities and show it on your webpage.

This will bring many more opportunities for you as exposure but also as new clients.


This is probably the hardest part but the most important pillar for your business to make it. I don’t remember how many percents of businesses fail in their first year. Could easily be 90%.

You will face many problems that you need to solve by yourself, especially if you are short on money. Money can solve many problems like web design, hiring a VA (virtual assistant), branding services, business coaches etc that you otherwise need to solve for yourself when you are face to face with the problem.

Even if you are educated/informed about them, it takes time to implement it the way you want to.

So, if you have the money to invest in the problem area you find yourself will spend many days or weeks, just hire the expert and solve it in a couple of hours.

You will be feeling that your message is not clear enough to reach your ideal customer. Everyone goes through this. You will change it accordingly to your business and who you serve. Because those can change over time.

Some challenges will be about you and your limiting beliefs. You will be feeling discouraged to face your customers if it is in an uncomfortable situation like shooting Instagram stories or going live. But you need to push through it. You will gain and not lose by doing this.


This small word is one of the hardest things for startup business owners. You need to expose yourself consistently! Your blog posts, your Etsy page, your client testimonials, your social media content are things that need to be put in front of your ideal customer.

I recommend you to not drive yourself crazy about these. Because the more stress you feel the more hectic it becomes. They all are important to be shared but the most important thing is to do it constantly so that people can have an expectation of what to wait for you and when.

The most important thing is to showcase your expertise! You need to be seen as the authority. When you establish that, people will come to you and you will have a much better ground to stand at.

The big picture

You need to see all these four pillars at the same time and make a good big picture of our business.

Take a pen and paper, write down your pillars and fill it in. Does the bigger picture fit into a mold? Does it look cohesive? Are your product/service good to be exposed to your chosen social media platform? What is different about your service/product than others?

I believe you can do this. I believe you have the power in you to make this work. If you feel that you need guidance, support or simply someone to have a look at your business model, I am here for you!

Book a free call with me and have 30 minutes of my attention FOR FREE.

Share with me your niche. What is your specialty? I want to know 🙂

4 Pillars to Building a Successful Business

4 Pillars to Building a Successful Business 4 Pillars to Building a Successful Business 4 Pillars to Building a Successful Business 4 Pillars to Building a Successful Business

6 thoughts on “4 Pillars to Building a Successful Business

  1. This is so informative! I am struggling with the exposure part, but that’s just me not pushing myself enough! Good to know I’m on the right track!

  2. Thank you so much for the comment. This makes me so happy to hear. You can always book a free call with me if you need any help or you can reach out via social media no problem. Maybe the way you see things can be shifted and the exposure part will be much easier ?

  3. Determination and mindset are so key! Getting through those tough days, not always chasing the high of the great days but mores realizing that every step taken is a step toward the goal no matter how small it may seem. Such a great post.

  4. Hi Denis, thanks for a great post! knowing your niche is important to business success, however, there are times it may be necessary to do what is profitable and not pursue your niche. Why? The ultimate goal of any person in business is to make money. So, if where you have your passion is not going to put food on your table, then you’re better off sweating it out where you’ll be able to pick your bills. I strongly you believe you can cultivate passion in what picks your bills as its legitimate. Thanks for a great post Denis.

    1. I totally agree with you need to have the intention of earning money out of whatever you do. Having said that, coming from branding and marketing background, I could easily sell anything and everything as long as I have the best possible information about that specific thing. Feeling the passion here? You need to figure out how to market whatever your passion is or simply merge it with your experiences and see what comes up 🙂 I am respectfully disagreeing the part “finding passion in what picks yor bill”, I simply couldn’t do that or maybe it is just me. Thank you so much for your comment. Was a lovely debate here 🙂

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