Ep 07 How to Make Manifestation a Reality – Act As If

In today’s episode, I am sharing (with many examples) all about living our lives, business and dreams the way we want it to be which means ACTING AS IF.
The easiest way to manifestation and at the same time the way to make you happier now is this!
What I cover this episode;
[2:40] – Why you need to make your New Moon ritual as close to to New Moon time as possible
[3:15] – What crystals I had for my New Moon Ritual to set my intentions and why
[5:05] – What I did set my intentions about
[5:30] -How to write your intentions
[6:10] – What acting as if means
[6:35] – How to act as if for ‘Love’
[7:30] – Examples on how to act as if for ‘Weight loss’
[9:00] – How to act as if for ‘Travel’
[10:20] – My goals as a Mom
[10:50] – Goals/Intentions around my business and HOW I wrote about it
[12:05] – My special feel-good dream
[12:55] – A different trick to make your manifestation a reality
[14:00] – How to support this technique
[15:10] – The conversation I had with my future self (Quantum Leaping)
[16:00] – How a small change made me feel rich, abundant and high vibe.
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