How to Surpass the Biggest Limit in Manifestation and Life

There are many issues you can have, what we call “limit” unknowingly. But ever since I discovered manifesting I have also discovered that the major issue that will hold us back in life, in manifestation, in business, in relations are NEGATIVITY and LIMITING BELIEFS.

The mindset of a negative person is toxic. It takes time to adjust and change it. Let me repeat it once more; IT IS CHANGEABLE, but it will take time.

Let take it one step at a time

The real issue regarding negativity is that we do not usually see it, we are not aware of it.

Some of the negativity is being passed to us by generations, which means negative thought was taught to your grandma, she taught it to your mom and your mom taught it to you.

Sometimes the negativity can be received during childhood or adult life through others behaviors and/or words.

Some of the negativity could be received through social media or the media in general. On how thin you should be, how smart you should be, how successful you should be etc.

You need to start from within

Everything starts from within. Success, positivity, negativity, stress, joy, love, abundance you name it.

If the issue is with your life or your work you could read this post and see what you can find as the purpose in your life.

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But you need to figure out WHAT you are feeling and WHY.

You could start by going on a trip to YOU. You can think about your childhood, your school life, your adult life and see what comes up as disturbing memories.

Write them down and think about WHY they come up. How did it happen that you had negative thoughts about them?

Was it a misunderstanding from your side?

Is/was the person jealous of you?

Was it an abusive relationship at your job where your manager was harsh on you based on his/her egos etc?

If you can find your own issues it is much easier to handle and repair them.

The past won’t affect the future if you prevent it. Take the time to dream and build it with this blog post that I shared a couple of weeks ago. Ensure yourself that you can achieve your dreams, your ultimate life, the best possible you. Very easy steps to do and all are FREE!

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Time to Kick Those Heavy Weights Off of Your Shoulder

When you have found the source you should acknowledge them, accept them, forgive everyone involved and thank God/Universe/Your higher self to teaching you a lesson.

If the negativity is sourced by your money mindset or by your own self-belief then you should download the affirmation I have prepared just for you. Just write your name and email and you will have it in your inbox right away.

Repetition is Everything

We all are humans and we have seeds planted in our brains from our young adulthood or from our childhood. Some are good and some are bad. Maybe our parents didn’t know better, they probably did their best with the knowledge they received from their parents and educators.

The important thing is that when we have released our baggage and forgive ourselves for living that situation we need to correct that negative thought about ourselves.

Our brain is like a machine. It is as simple as that when it comes to recording and believing.

What you record in your computer will have it and will show it to you when searching for that information. Same goes for our brains.

Whatever you load it with, it will give you that information back at you. Therefore it is CRUCIAL TO FEED YOUR BRAIN AND SUBCONSCIOUS WITH WHAT YOU WANT TO BELIEVE IN.

If you have a negative thought about yourself or your abilities it is only a matter of time to change it. But it needs REPETITION. Saying the same thing over and over and over again.

You need to fake it until you make it. That is the key.

The faster you fake to believe in it the faster the process will be to be recorded over the negativity and you will actually start believing in the new and positive thought.

Your brain doesn’t know the difference. It will receive an information, the information you will feed it with and it will believe it.

How to Make It Subconscious “Faster”?

The feeling is the key.

You might ask, “How can I feel something I feel the total opposite of?”.

It is super simple!

You can choose to feel the AFTERMATH of the realization of your belief. Let say you don’t believe that you can lose weight. I hate this topic but it is one of the easiest topics people relate to.

If you feel like a fat person you can always think about the thing you will buy when you are in your ideal weight. I mean you are daydreaming so have no limits on it, please!

How will you feel when you will wear it? When you buy that size of the dress, how does it make you feel? Will you do any specific activity when you hit that weight like running a marathon? How would you feel to reach the finish line?

Do you get me now?

You don’t have to be perfect to imagine the end result. You can take other aspects of the “perfect” life and feel out those parts. BTW I don’t believe in perfect lives.

BUT! There is a Next Step

Now that you know how awesome you feel with your new belief, you need to take ACTION!

You need to start doing a small change today. If it is about saving money put a dollar on the side.

If it is losing weight, drink an extra glass of water today.

Do you want to leap in your business? Have a look at what you lack and are good at 🙂

Take that small action to make a difference TODAY!

Do you See the Light Now?

Have I been able to crack through your negativity walls?

I bet you already think of ways to dream your positivity for your issues. You should!

This technique is not only to break through negativity but also limiting beliefs.

Let say you are a business owner but don’t believe you can be a 6 figure owner. First of all, WHY? I really wanna know why? Comment down below or send a DM to me on my Instagram so that we chat you out of it! Because no one deserves to feel LESS THEN about themselves.

Biggest Issue Solved

Negativity and limiting beliefs are the hardest one to tackle but also the most rewarding thing to get over with.

It felt like an elephant was off of my shoulders when I did the forgiveness exercise. I even didn’t believe the process itself but when I tried to remember what I wrote down, I literally couldn’t remember any of it! And let me tell you that it was 2 pages long!

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