Breathe, Success takes Time, Patience and Adapt to Change

We are in an age where we are hunting downtime. We all have 24 hours in a day but it feels like it is not enough and we are always running from something to another.

All of this is the same if you are a student in school, a stay at home mother, a business owner or simply human ?

I am going to talk about the personal and business changes that are happening in ourselves and our lives. About how to take it with ease and how to NOT stress yourself for the outcome.

When we are in the mode of running, getting rushed to do something or be somewhere. We do miss out a lot of things that are happening around us or within us.

Usually, we are not aware of what changes are happening in us. Shifts that are happening, blocks that we have, any changes that need to be taken care of for a happier life.

Obviously, time management is one thing that you can do to feel better about the time you are spending on whatever you spend on like family, friends, work etc.

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If you are not aligned and feel stressed out about everything, then you can start decreasing that level of stress by just BREATHING.

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Understanding the Change

You need to understand that first of all, ALL changes take time.

Just think about it, for the flower to blossom it needs to wait and prepare for a certain time before showing it’s beauty to the world.

An orchid is taking fallow time for itself to blossom with many great flowers on the same branch.

It takes time to make a meal. You need to cut the ingredients, mix it, cook it and then serve it to be able to eat it with appetite.

Now, these things are more “simple” beings. As humans who have complex connections in our brains, hormones that control organs, external factors that affect our body in one way or another is making it hard for us.

That is the reason why I am a big advocate of knowing your life purpose and listening to your body.

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When you can recognize that you are going through a change you have two choices.

  1. Being brave enough to embrace it and enjoy the change and get excited about it
  2. Reject it and get your life even more complicated.

Accepting the Change

Your life or your business is evolving things that will never be the same as the previous second.

It will be having good and bad days. You just need to decide on how to feel and act about it.

Recognize the change and take actions accordingly or learn more about how you can use it to your advantage.

It WILL Take Time

You need to understand that it takes time and that you can not rush these things. But you can make it faster! That is another aspect, but you can not rush it.

The difference between rush and fast is that rushing is trying to push the change faster then it can or have room for.

You can make a shift faster by getting coached, by reading from the experts of the field, ask others for their experience and try to implement it.

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The reason you can make the change faster is due to someone is holding the key to the information to open the door to the other side. Trough their experiences they will guide you to open the door and let you know what to expect on the other side.

If you rush it, you only will push that door and exhaust yourself unnecessarily. Do I need to tell you that you will not get where you want?

Breathe, Success takes Time, Patience and Adapt to Change | adjustment life, adapt to change, adapt to time, patience at work, patience business, success time,

Patience is Hard

I know it is frustrating to wait for it. But patience is a good exercise for everyone. To be able to wait, to know that you can not do anything about it is a good way to grow as a person.

Good for friendships where you wait for your friend to open up about their issues without you pushing it.

Good for business when you know you will be there you want but need to work a bit more to get there. That you need to take some specific steps to reach your dreams.

Good for the family where you will tolerate behaviors that usually will piss you off.

I know it is hard, but you need to strengthen that patience muscle of yours. It will make you a stronger person and business owner.

Learning is Easy, Implementing is Hard

As I said above, you can open the door faster with help then you would trying to do it alone.

Learning is easy, you can basically learn everything from the internet nowadays but implementing it for your special and specific needs are the difficult part. That is the reason for most of the paid courses or coaching programs.

Getting used to an idea, an affirmation, an action step is what you need to put your time into to make a better life for yourself.

You need to implement the thing that will take your life and your business forward.

For example, if you have money resistance it might be easy to recognize it through information but it will take time to put a new belief instead of the old limiting one.

Ready to Practice?

I have done this practicing and believing in myself and my business. Now I can easily control my stress.

Let me take it from the beginning. I didn’t know I was under stress until I wrote a letter to myself from the future me. I did talk about this quite a lot on my Instagram account.

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When I recognized that I was feeling stressed about my business I instantly took over the control. Talked with myself and did some more digging into why I felt the way I did.

I calmed myself down and the same day and the day after I did so much work done! I was overflowing with good energy and creativity.

Just to make sure that I was stretching myself to not stress and showing myself that nothing bad will happen out of being a bit behind my scheduled work, I showed myself that it is not the end of the road.

My daughters play-hour teacher was on vacation for a week and we were together 24/7. I prioritized her obviously and made minimal work so it is surviving the week ? But it was good ? Felt like a vacation from work but was exhausted as a parent hahaha.

Ready to Take the Time with Ease?

Do you feel a bit better now?

Can you feel the stress level dropping?

Have you a feeling of everything will be fine and ok?

Do you think there are some automatization and action steps that you can take to make your life easier?

Are you feeling confident that whatever happens will teach you something and you will take it with grace? That you will make it work?

If I took it easy, so can you.

Keep Reminding Yourself, It is OK

Every human being and business owner is going through changes constantly. How can they evolve to be the better version of themselves if they resist?

Remember, if you were enough to live the dream life as the current you, you would be living it already. Apparently, you need to go through some changes and take some actions.

You know where to find me. We can always connect through social media or via email and we can have a talk.

You know that you can have a FREE talk with me where I can help you to understand what you should do in order to get where you want. We will come up with some good strategies.

How do you recognize the changes that are happening in you or in your business? How do you get in the flow with the changes? Share with us below in the comments.

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