Clarity Call

Great! Ready to make more money and book clients?

A 20 min FREE Clarity Call with me will give you a clear idea on how to do that!

What is Clarity Call;
A lovely 20 min call where we are focusing on your current situation and what holds you back from either starting your business or make more money in it.
Then I share my tip and tricks that are just for you based on our conversation.

Aren’t you sick of following the general things shared on the internet and seeing NO RESULTS? Here is the why, because they are not made for you!

I am here to serve you as a coach so that you can attract money and clients with ease while working on your limiting beliefs that hold you back.

Dreams are there to show you what your potentials are, what you can have, what you can live. I know you have some amazing dreams because I have them too!

Here is the good news for you! It is not hard to live those dreams.

The work that I do is all about the things happening in the brain.
Do you know about the best part? It is so easy to reprogramme them. You will become and live the dreams with ease and see the change in as short as 45 mins (a regular call with me). As long as you want it of course.

If you need to find some clarity, direction, confidence, self-love, subconscious reprogramming aka booking in clients and attract money, then let’s get talking.
I’ve been there, I’ve done that.
I absolutely feel and understand you so book that call with me to experience my magic for yourself:)

You may have thoughts that hold you back, we all have!
They are just excuses that keep us “safe” by being the same person in the same spot and in the same old routines.

Why not live your dreams? Have fun? Get soul-aligned clients that pay you what you are worth?

I am offering you to have a call with me for 20 min so that we can have a heartfelt conversation and make your current situation clearer for you.
No strings attached. IT IS FOR FREE.

I know you will feel much happier, empowered, enlightened and clear-minded after our chat. That is the amazing side effect I have on people 🙂

Let’s do what I do best. Let me help you to transform into a money and client magnet.

How others think about me and my work ❤

Working with Denis has transformed my business!

Working with Denis has transformed my business! She not only has given me so many profit-producing ideas to implement within my business, but she has helped me manifest things I never thought were possible. She will open your eyes to a new perspective on business and life. What I didn’t expect was how positively her support would affect me, on a personal level.. truly amazing. Working with her has been an incredibly uplifting experience, professionally and personally! I mean every word!

Michelle Slote

Business Startup Coach


Michelle Slote

Business Startup Coach

I love how Denis pays attention to details

I love how Denis pays attention to details. She's helped to pinpoint different issues and concerns to help me grow in a positive way. I appreciate you so much. Thank you

Shonda Padron

Ladies Purity Coach


Shonda Padron

Ladies Purity Coach

Carolyn Street

"Your pricing is extremely good."

Denise had me at hello. She is very lovable, likable, she said all the right things, she has the listening skills. I am recommending her to everyone. She is fantastically amazingly spot-on in her whole approach. I love how feminine you are and a super balance of knowledge and assertive confidence which is so authentic.

I think you are ready to take that small but mighty step towards living life authentically, free and happy. I see you on the call gorgeous ❤?