Ep 11 Your Subconscious, Limiting Beliefs and How to Change Them to Heal, Diet and Align

Subconscious is the most important factor in your life. Whatever is written in there will make or break many aspects of your life.
In this episode, I go through many things from how to align to your perfect body, how to get out of negativity, how to live according to your higher self and so much more!

? What I cover this episode;
[1:45] – Awareness – I caught myself
[3:15] – The secret to your subconscious
[4:15] – How your subconscious works
[7:20] – How Law of Polarity helps you
[10:00] – Why you can’t break cycles in your life
[11:55] – How to get to the core of the issue
[14:00] – When are affirmations helpful?
[14:15] – How to make affirmations work for you
[15:35] – One word affirmations
[16:45] – A different way to get out of negative thoughts
[16:40] – Replace old subconscious beliefs
[19:40] – Iincrease your manifestations skills
[22:30] – How your everyday life make you sick
[24:15] – What to consider when taking action
[25:00] – How to change your view on dieting
[29:45] – How did my higher self shocked me
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