Ep 29 – 5 ways Corona Pandemic has Blessed Us

Feeling cornered, claustrophobic and fearful of the pandemic?

I have 5 topics to change your perspective!
I know we have had an emotionally rough a couple of weeks now due to the pandemic crisis the world has faced/is facing.
It is totally OK to feel however you are feeling. Anger, fear, disappointment, panic, feeling cornered or any other feeling that is containing negativity in it is within the range of normal. What NOT is normal is to feel these feelings 24/7. You need to feel the feelings and let go of them at some point. The best way to do it to focus on other things. Things that are good, positive and healthy for you. I want for you to focus on are THE GOOD THINGS this pandemic (aka coronavirus) has blessed us with.

I have shared 5 common super blessing things that we might feel claustrophobic about by being quarantined. We need to shift our perspective!
Please let me know how you feel and let us chat about it. Share it with everyone and tag me along while doing that.
Enjoy the episode.

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