Become a Content Creating Machine With This System

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Many bloggers, photographers, actually anyone who needs to put a bit of info in front of everyone has to have their fair share of content, they also have the fear of lack of content creation. It doesn’t matter what type of content it is. Visual, audio or text is the same. You are trying to get a message across to your significant other, your audience.  

In this post, I am going to share with you how to set a system that works and how you can apply it to different media.  

Blog Content Creation Made Easy
Blog Content Creation Made Easy

Everyone is very keen and enthusiastic about the idea of blogging. In reality, it is not that easy. Blogging seems to be marketed as “Freeway of earning money”, but let me tell you the ugly truth. IT ISN’T FREE!!! 

It cost you time and money! If you are going full speed on and do it “professionally” you will need to buy a domain, hosting, theme (if you don’t like the free versions) which costs you money. Sure, maybe not too much but money is money, and you don’t earn it easily.  

But do you know what it costs you the most? The most important thing in your life if you really think about it. TIME! YOUR TIME! Your time with your family, friends, spouse, kid. Over and over again. You can plan how you will work and can move things around but be ready to meet with this reality.  

I don’t write this to discourage you, no no! You need to do whatever your dream is! I just don’t want you to think that this is all fairy tales and you magically earn thousands of dollars. Nope, sorry. Try your chance at the lottery ? 

The thing I try to say is that blogging is a marathon and won’t give you what you want overnight. It will if you are consistent, different and know how to share information that is special to you.  

Let us get to the content creation system that can get you to be more systematic 

There are alternative ways to make things easier for you. Apps that you can use, systems you can follow etc. But first, you need to discover them IN YOU for you to be able to implement them.  

How about we start with a big statement 

You need to be your own doctor.  

Be your own Blog Doctor
Be your own Blog Doctor

I love this part! This is the part that excites me, what I am good at. I love to show people how THEY can find their own path in my coaching sessions. I love to coach new starting small business owners and make their thoughts clear enough and in alignment with the purpose of their business so that they don’t depend on someone else in the future to find the core value for their business. It is only normal to ask for help, but they shouldn’t be depending on anyone. That is exactly what I want to help with! 

You need to know how you function and how things work for you, how they make your wheels move. I am going to put some questions out there and answer them as you wish to find out how you get inspired and work the best when you are in the mood for it.  

1. Do you plan things ahead? 

Have you a map that you follow? Do you like doing things in an order? If so, I would recommend you to take a yearly plan out and mark the seasons or months on what you want to write about. Do this as an outline. We go with a classic example, January can be a month of inspiration and motivation where you write posts about this. February can be a month where you write about love, but love for your job, your passion. Or how to find that love. Do you get what I mean? If your creation juices (is this even a phrase? Hit me with a good alternative in the comments below!) flow best when you have an outline then go ahead and do it!

2. Do you get inspired by specific things, things that trigger you creatively?

Do you always come up with good ideas when you are running? Walking in the woods? Having a good time with friends? When you are alone in the middle of the night? When you read some other bloggers? Newspaper? Trends? 

Think about how you function and start your strategy on this. This is probably the most important part.

I will put this into the system, but we need to continue on our discovery journey.  

3. What type of person are you when you need to continue your flow of work? 

Do you feel better when you take your notes on a paper with a pen? 

Maybe you think too fast (at least faster then you can type) and need to record your thoughts? 

Are you a visual person that gets inspired by a photo or an image that you need to have just that specific visual in front of you and will take notes looking at it? 

4. Lastly, do you work better under pressure? 

If this is the case, I suggest you use your timmer and put it in front of you to come up with some ideas. You can still use whatever medium you want to take notes with (audio, video, pen, your app).  

Now we know how YOU work, shall we put it into a system that generates content? 

Now we know when, how and where you work the best when you want to come up with ideas. This part is done.  

This is what I implement for my clients. I create a system that works for them that they can follow up without being overwhelmed. Because success comes with continuity.  

The good thing about using systems and having structure is that you know your way of working. You can use it over and over without losing your track. Actually(!), by using it more and more you get better at it and the time it will take will shorten! Next time maybe you just close your eyes and voila!  

Come on my friend, let us put these wheels in a systematic way so that they take us from point A to our dream point B.  

Steps that will pour out content for you 

  1. Go to your inspiration mode or place. If you get ideas by nature, take walks in botanical gardens, by the beach, in the forest. If you get ideas from views, then look at those in stock photo websites. If you get inspired by people acting and connecting with one another, go to crowded places like playgrounds, big touristic places that attract the crowd, a busy avenue and have a seat somewhere you can watch them and take notes. 
  2. When you have an idea write it down as detailed as possible. Write down as much of the idea as possible. I am not talking about the full-blown blog post. Just the idea itself. What you need to write down is; 
    • The topic or idea 
    • How you come up with the idea 
    • Title if you have already come up with it 
    • The problem it solves or addresses. 
    • Why this problem is important or why someone should care. 
    • The link where you had this inspiration (tweet or Facebook post goes under here as well) 
    • Images 
    • The key messages you want to express 
    • Can you have a freebie or a course for this post?
    • (All of these points do not have to be written down. But the more you write, the easier it will be to get into that emotion, thought process.) 

  3. When you want to write your post, have a look at your pool of ideas and feel out THE ONE. Which one do you feel to write today?
  4. When you are ready to complete the post, recreate the inspiration source. For example, when I write a blog post I do listen to music. Usually with a lower tempo and mostly songs about love. Don’t ask me why I don’t know ? But I do write with feeling when I have those kinds of music in the background. When I am done with the feeling part and need to fill it in with facts, then the tempo increases and I simultaneously dance and write ? This is not my source of inspiration but it is the way I can connect with that inspiration. A quick tip here, make your song list ahead so that you don’t get disturbed by changing songs or by any irrelevant song popping up in your ears.  
  5. Pour your brain and heart out. Of course, your posts need to be informative, they need to solve a problem, but it also needs to connect you with your audience. Use whatever writing method feels the best for you. Paper and pen? Audio to text? Typing on your device? Whatever feels comfortable
  6. While you are in the mood pick your pictures. When you are done with writing it is time to pick complementary pictures, graph, drawing, statistics etc.  What makes you feel the text? What will complement it? Maybe you have a pool of pictures that you choose when you had your spare time and you are choosing from it? I usually do the adding midway while I am writing, but don’t do it. Use your full focus on writing it clear and be done with it.  
Become a Content Creating Machine With This System
Become a Content Creating Machine With This System

These are the steps that you can use to write new content. I did not include the proofreading and the final touches due to this post is focusing on how to come up with new ideas to write about.  

Please feel free to implement your way and order of following the steps above and let me know in the comments. It is always important to know how different we humans can work and succeed! ? 

The powerful part of this system is that it is powering you 

When you have done this and followed the steps, you will see how easy this is. The best part is that the more you do this, the easier it will be and you will start taking notes and voice notes on regular walks, public transportation etc. Because you have now trained your content creation muscle and it will respond every time something (or you) triggers it.  

Let me give you one of mine trigger point. When I was waiting for my daughter’s familiarization time at her kindergarten for her playgroup that she attends two times a week for two hours, I was inspired by the kindergartens working system.  With which part you think? With the customer satisfaction! The system they planned, how they inform parents, how they welcome them, how they set their rules/lines etc. I just sat there and wrote like crazy while my inspiration for a new blog post came up! This will be a post about the importance of customer satisfaction and how you can achieve the highest possible satisfaction by implementing some basic steps.  

See? When you get used to connecting things to your work, it will come easily to you.   

Now! I want to tap into the classical part of where you can find the content creation ideas ? 

These are the classical point that will be written over and over again, but they still are important for your business.  

When you have a following, subscribers or people that connect with you for your blog posts you will get post ideas from them continuously. How? 

  1. They will ask you! 
  2. They will reply to your questions about specific topics 
  3. Your own experiences that you had a problem with regarding a topic 
  4. You will see a trend online and will write about it 
  5. You will ask your audience if some part of your daily routines is interesting to them. Like bullet journaling etc.  

There are some topics that will never die and will always be interesting, which are; 

  • How to get clients to work with you 
  • List building 
  • How to create income streams 
  • Blogging tips (like this one!) 
  • Marketing/branding 
  • Creating a system and process (also like this post!) 

I don’t want to drag out the topics, but you get what I mean.  

I want to take this post one more level above the ground 

Writing good content isn’t good enough for having good traffic. You need to network at every opportunity you get on social media, webinars, courses, masterminds etc. 

When you have a good amount of posts up and running you will see the pattern of your audience and use that as a source of content creation.  

But the key here is that you don’t ALWAYS need to write from scratch. You can write content that overlaps different categories and content on your blog. Which means, you can repurpose those texts.  This is frequently done in the marketing part of your business.

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You can support your posts with additional things like videos, podcasts, interviews. This is also good for your audience so that they do not get bored by only text (if they prefer a different way of communicating).

You can be guest hosting somewhere and use this as a source of content for your newsletter, social media posts by promoting it.  

Stay focused, committed and consistent… 

Keep your quality as high as possible. Be consistent with it!  

Focus on solving problems with your posts.  

Be committed to doing your best! 

Don’t forget! Magic happens when you put your content in front of your audience or client exactly when they need it.  

Peace out ✌

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