Ep 09 Should You Put Date To Your Manifestation or Not?

There are two opinions about setting dates or timelines to your manifestation. That you should or shouldn’t. But which one is correct? How should you do it? Have a listen and make your own decision.
What I cover this episode
[3:10] – What you need to be able to manifest your wishes
[3:50] – A small reminder and a small difference
[5:35] – What to do after setting an intention for your manifestation
[7:18] – The first step when you set a date to your manifestation
[7:31] – If you don’t have these, don’t set a date
[8:17] – Why it won’t work for you
[8:43] – What to focus on
[9:00] – THE KEY TO MANIFESTING, What most of us are missing when manifesting
[10:30] – What the pro manifester does
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