Ep 28 How to Deal with Health Anxiety

The health concerns around Coronavirus are real but there is unnecessary anxiety around it even if the person is not in the risk group of getting it. Here is how you can overcome the anxiety around it.

Life is all about perspective. How we experience life is how we FEEL life and everything is based on how we SEE the world.
I gave the explanation of the situation as a Pharmacist who has worked with viruses in many different situations in laboratories.
I gave my two cents on the seriousness of the issue but also why we should be chill about it.
The “staying at home” policy is a good way to protect those who need to be protected but also a great time for us to do “the to-do list” or the “want to try list” while we now have the chance!

I am giving my time FOR FREE to 5 people this week, the coming 3 days to help out with their anxiety around this issue.
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