Ep 25 How to Allow Yourself to Ease Your Life, Let Go and Receive Faster

In today’s episode, I am sharing an easy topic but a topic that is hard to grasp or even do for the most, it is about the let go and open yourself up to receive.

We are just making life so hard for ourselves when it all starts and finishes in our brains.
I am sharing my own real-life stories and how my manifestations came to fruition, but also how your manifestations can become a reality really fast.

You need to keep asking, because asking opens up you for receiving.

The mentioned episode about Losing Weight with LOA

The meditations below can help you on your journey to feel better and give you a clear direction on what to do and how to do it. 
Quantum Leap Meditation
Healing Meditation
Mind Clearing – Manifesting Meditation
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