Lose Yourself In The Future Goals With Vision Boards But Start From Within – Today!

Manifestation seems like something you need to seek from someone/something outside of you but it is actually a visual ritual that you need to start and work from within. You do your work today for the visualized future. Vision boards are much supporting to reach our goals for that.

I came across this sentence and wanted to share with you because it fits like a glove in this blog post.

If you want to be the hero in your life, you need to answer that call.

Your Life Purpose

The inner work is essentially a work of life purpose and self-awareness.

I have written a whole blog post about it and you guys have the opportunity to go through the course if you register to the email course down below.

This purpose of yours will give you the core of your self-awareness and you will be able to build on top of it with different kind of self-awareness towers.

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Your decisions to help yourself, to raise yourself is something you do for yourself and for those around you. When you have a better awareness and an open mind you will be able to guide those around you and support them on their journey to a more positive and better life. If they are open to it of course.

Knowing your purpose will give you the motivation to start each morning with joy and excitement to do your job here in this world. Whatever that might be.

Are You Taking Care Of Yourself?

Taking care of oneself is usually giving the idea of taking care of one’s outer self. But the inner self is much more important and actually what makes you beautiful on the surface.

Even drinking the amount of water you need daily is a way to take care of yourself and in turn helps your organs, cells, skin, sleep and so much more!

Now think about taking care of your inner child, your dreams, and your morale. The end result would be someone that is constantly happy, positive, radiating and knows what to live for/towards because their dreams are loud and clear.

Taking care of yourself TODAY will, in turn, take care of your future and the future you.

The Danger Of Not Dreaming For Yourself

We are all human and all of us are living for our own desires and wishes. I think we can agree on that ? Now don’t come to me with you being a mom, dad or a caregiver that are thinking of others first. Prioritizing is not the subject here. I am talking about living your life for yourself.

You listen to some kind of music because it feels good for YOU.

Eat some kind of food because it feels tasty for YOU.

Take a walk or dance or work out to make YOU feel good.

So at the end of the day, you do things to make YOU feel something good.

This is only normal and there is nothing bad about this. Get over it and accept the facts. Now that I have convinced you about the subject, we are over it and let us move forward.

Due to we humans need something to work towards, look forward towards, feel good about why not dream about our future on how we want it to be?

It gives you all the things you need as I mentioned above;

  1. It makes you happy because you are daydreaming all your wishes
  2. You look forward to actually live those things, excitement
  3. You get motivated to work towards it

So why not daydream a successful life where there is the abundance of money, happiness, joy, health?

The flipside of this, when you are NOT daydreaming you usually;

  • Feel lost, because you don’t know what you want out of life
  • No direction because you don’t know what to work towards
  • Feeling discouraged to take any step towards happiness because you can’t see the end result

Are You Lost In The Future?

Let me start by sharing this with you;

Your world will change whether or not you choose to change. So giving it a direction to that change will at least give you a future that you want.

Getting lost in the future is something good and positive. You NEED to get lost in your future in order to be able to build one the way you want to.

Dreaming about the things you want out of life and actually daydream that you are living it will make you happy on a hormonal level. Then you desire to get that happiness in your everyday life and start making a plan for it to actually make it a reality.

When You Have Lots Of “Don’t Know”s In Your Head

You might be a bit confused on where to start and how to take action so I will break it down for you.

If you don’t know WHERE TO START, you should start from within and know why you are here in this world. What your life purpose is and how to live it fully.

Read this blog post to get the required information and action.

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If you don’t know WHAT TO DREAM ABOUT, you should start by listing out the things you don’t like. Small apartments not for you? Then you should dream about a big apartment for yourself. If you don’t like working for others you should dream about building your own business. If you don’t like taking the bus you should dream about getting a new car.

You can define your dreams by the things you don’t like if you already don’t know what you want.

If you don’t know WHAT TO DO; you can always start by writing a letter to yourself. There are different kind of letters you can write. It can be about your dreams, your problems or simply a map to your future on how to do things. Details are written in the blog post down below.

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If you don’t know HOW TO DO it, I have another blog post to help you to structure your roadmap to success. Where you start is writing a letter to yourself from your future self and then move on to the next steps. It has 15 FREE steps to achieve your dreams and make it a reality.

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When You Know What To Expect From Your Future

Having a goal or dream to chase is probably the most fulfilling thing in the world when you wake up. Obviously having family and loved ones in your life and in health is important but having a goal and dream to reach is something HEALTHY for us.

As I said above, this is something you do for yourself. It won’t be easy but that is what it makes it precious.

Is it easy to make a sandwich? If you think about the work behind it, you will change your mind about it. You need to picky our products and veggies and buy them, carry it home, place them in the fridge. When it is time to put everything together you need to pick it up, wash it, cut it and place it the way you want it.

But eating that sandwich alone will be dry and boring so you will pair it up with tea or coffee which involves LOTS MORE behind the work.

Are you going to look at the same way now when you eat that sandwich again? Do you know why this feels easy for you? Because you have now gotten used to it so it doesn’t feel like work or effort.

Same goes for your dreams, wishes, business goals, happiness!

The more you work on it the easier it will become. The more you work on your manifestation muscle the easier it will be to manifest things, followers, money, achievements into your life.

Start The Training Now!

If you want to manifest 5M $ into your life as your first ever manifestation, sorry that won’t happen. Not that it never will! It just won’t happen that time around because you don’t know HOW to manifest. Start with something small like 100$ and train that muscle. Make it 500$ or 1000$ the next time around.

Just keep in mind to believe in it and keep an eye on it to see what actually will come to you. Because I believe that more will come then your own set goals. When manifesting the source of energy usually gives us more than what we asked for and our minds blow up with excitement.

Want To Experience It For Yourself?

If you want to get excited even with cents and be thankful for receiving it then listen up!

Being grateful, thankful and having your eyes wide open for the opportunities that are on their way to you is what makes life worth living. That is the sole reason behind why it is exciting to have a set future goal and working towards it. The sole reason why you need to have a dream.

If you want your dreams to come true, have abundance in your business, money flowing to you, clients knocking on your door for your service/product, you should start manifesting alongside.

You can do that easily with my online manifestation course THE MANIFESTER IN YOU where you learn;

  • What manifestation is
  • The science and logic behind it
  • How to get over your limits and blocks
  • To start manifesting and use other supporting systems to achieve your dreams
  • How to use affirmations and mindset to have a better life overall
  • Connecting to your subconscious
  • And so much more…

Use my previous blog posts and this online course to achieve your goals and dreams. Work towards making your dreams a reality.

Lose Yourself In The Future With Vision Boards But Start From Within – Today

Lose Yourself In The Future With Vision Boards But Start From Within – Today Lose Yourself In The Future With Vision Boards But Start From Within – Today Lose Yourself In The Future With Vision Boards But Start From Within – Today Lose Yourself In The Future With Vision Boards But Start From Within – Today

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