Want to Heal Physically and Energetically?

Would you like to recover from the stress of lack of money, your job, your lack of health and maybe even your relationships?

What about doing it in 30 min while healing your body, energy, and mind at the same time? I’ll do it on a subconscious level so it is permanent until you want to change it.

I want you to take a vacation from the world for 30 minutes and come back as a rested, clear-headed and a rejuvenated person. I know you can do it with this guided meditation and that is what I am giving you!

My husband healed a 3-year-old shoulder injury by following my lead in this meditation and let me tell you he is a skeptical person 😀 Hardcore skeptical!
Well, I guess not anymore 🙂

I have a toddler, a business, I am a stay at home mom all at the same time. At times I feel euphoric, other times drained. I simply need to reset and start with high vibe energy where my body feels rested.
Can you relate?

I find guided meditation as one of the best ways to work with your subconscious, to heal, rejuvenate and get rid of all the negativity out of your body. You are just sitting and listening. As simple as that!

In this guided meditation I am focusing on physical, subconscious, emotional and energetic being of you.

I will send you energy to heal while having the support of Rose Quartz and Selenite Crystals for self-love and protective energy.

What happens in this guided meditation?

-Quiet down your fears through subconscious techniques and open up your way for success
-Getting rid of all the accumulated negativity in your body
-Open up your heart and break the walls around it to share and receive more love (manifestation power)
-Going through all parts of your body and organs to heal and support the normal function of it through energy flushes
-The process of forgiving, releasing the energetic cords that drains you
-Tapping into your feminine energy (important for attraction and success)

When the meditation is finished you will feel filled with light with positive energy, less burden on your shoulders, freed from energetic cordons that drained you, your heart will be freed from all walls to receive and share the love and your fears will be not bothering you anymore.

The highlight of this guided meditation is that it helps you to tap into your feminine energy even if you don’t have the time to do activities to honor that energy of yours. Make sure that you don’t mix up being feminine with the feminine energy. They are two different things.

Are you ready to open up a new page where you are achieving your goals and dreams?
I know I do!
I use this for myself whenever I need to empty out, feel in peace, knowing my organs have been cleared and their functions have been supported by the meditation itself.


How do I know it will be effective?
This guided meditation is to support you on your meditation and show the way to heal yourself on a multilevel platform. The success of the meditation will be depending on you, your focus and visualization.
Can I refund?
Due to the nature of the content (digital and downloadable), we do NOT offer refunds. Zero acceptions. We also have you agree to this condition when you purchase the meditation.
Will I get any one-on-one time?
This is a self-study product but if you want to work with me on 1:1 basis you are welcome to visit the page where you can book a call with me.