3 Reasons Why Hiring a Coach or Mentor will Help you to Leap in your Business and Dreams

You might hear this over and over again in different social media platforms and from other business influencers that HIRING A COACH/MENTOR is a life-changing (both for your business and your personal life) experience.

I am not writing this post in order to promote my own coaching business. Actually, I am not working with everyone that comes to my door. I am picky about who I am working with.

This is almost like dancing a partner dance. You need to find that chemistry in order to make an exceptional performance.

Teaching and learning are obviously big parts of this dance where the teacher needs to teach the student in the way that student understands the best.

There are many different ways and platforms of coaching where you learn to do something new with your business and reach a new level. Let me give you some examples for you to understand better.

  • Masterminds (kinda group coaching but with a fancy name) where you can only be included if you are a six or seven figure business owner.
  • Coaching groups where you have started your business or you are just at the beginning of building it.
  • One on one coaching where they only meet their client physically to support them (like life coaching or health/fitness coach where they help you to lose weight by walking with you etc)

HIRING A COACH/MENTOR is a life-changing event both for your business and your personal life. I tell you the 3 reason why you should hire a coach.

The three main reason why you should hire someone to help you build or take your business to next level is easy to understand and digest but there are some subcategories for them as well.

  1. (S)he is Experienced
  2. Have a Special Talent an Expertise
  3. Is objective

The Experience

Why would anyone coach or mentor someone?

Coaches/Mentors know something better than you do (hence the hire) and they want to support you on that subject by implementing their experience into your way of doing things for you to succeed much faster and easier.

(S)he has been in your shoes when they did start up their business

(S)he knows exactly which struggles you are facing. They faced it themselves! It is much easier for them to say “Don’t waste time on that”. They have already wasted their time on it and know you won’t gain anything by doing it.

(S)he has the experience of being the teacher

(S)he has probably coached/mentored others and has received results to show for it.

Pro tip: Always try to see if they have coached/mentored someone in your field. Same goes for your stage.

They have experience in the area you are lacking

They are expert of something and they are giving out advice specifically on that area. You are hiring her/him specifically for that thing.

Their experience in that area will always be relevant and up to date because of their exposure to the latest news in order to better him/herself and his/her service/product.

They have a special talent

Coaches or mentors have a special talent that makes them special. Some will good at teaching, others will be the best support system, others are great at make you see things etc.

They are in the business because of that special talent.

Mine is to see deep inside people and convince them. I see what they have and where they want to be and give them the strategies they can use for them to reach their dream/goal/target.

They will always be objective to you and your business

Coaches or mentors are being paid for what they give you.

They will surely be doing this professionally, which means (s)he will not waste your and their time.

They will take you AND your business seriously

We always have family members or friends who talk discouraging about what you do and your plans.

There are others who don’t get you at all. Telling them what you do won’t get you the help you need to become the dream you in your business.

You are the client, you will be served in the best possible way with your idea or business to make it happen.

They will be there when you need it

I am not talking about being able to give you support when you need it. When you are a new business starter you will face many roadblocks that you need to ask and ball your ideas with.

(S)he will always give you answers to take action on or to think on for you to find your own answer within you.

(S)he will see you as the CEO of your business

They will see you as the CEO and will mold your brain to think like one.

This is one of the most important things in the service/product you are buying.


We are everything in the business when you are starting out, but being lost in all details will hurt you and your business. When you think like a CEO you will take actions based on the profit of your company.

HIRING A COACH/MENTOR is a life-changing event both for your business and your personal life. I tell you the 3 reason why you should hire a coach.

Ready to take the next step?

Are you a bit more clear on WHY you should hire someone to help you?

Ok, I will make a small list for you.

  1. The Experience
    • Teaching; know how to communicate and forward the information (s)he sits on.
    • Been there; they were a starter once upon a time so they can relate to you.
    • Have experience in your lacking area.
  2. The talent in coaching/mentoring
  3. An objective view of you and your business
    • Takes you seriously
    • Seeing you as CEO and make you think like one
    • They will be there when you are in need of solving a problem or block

These points will make you a better business owner because;

  • Having a guide map to follow
  • Not wasting time or money
  • Will have an encyclopedia of business knowledge
  • You will think and act like a CEO
  • You will be taken seriously and this will push you to do more

These reasons are why I am getting help from a coach. Coaches need coaches too! Everyone in life needs an accountability partner and someone to put you in shape. In short, I want to do more but not waste my time or money.

If you need to clear your mind and ask questions about how you can achieve your dreams I can help you by having a FREE call with you. Just head over and book a FREE call and we shall talk about your dreams.

Have you hired anyone before as coach or mentor? Let me know how you have changed since then down below in the comments.

3 Reasons Why Hiring a Coach or Mentor will Help you to Leap in your Business and Dreams(3)

3 Reasons Why Hiring a Coach or Mentor will Help you to Leap in your Business and Dreams(3)3 Reasons Why Hiring a Coach or Mentor will Help you to Leap in your Business and Dreams(3)3 Reasons Why Hiring a Coach or Mentor will Help you to Leap in your Business and Dreams(3)

14 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why Hiring a Coach or Mentor will Help you to Leap in your Business and Dreams

  1. Lovely, concise and well written article.
    I agree that it is very important to ask advise from an expert, if people have been there they KNOW. It is always tricky with friends and family…cheaper for sure…but probably not as productive! 😉 x

    1. Thank you for the lovely comment. The most important issue with friends and family is that they are missing the professional aspect of things. None of them are business owners but are giving advice 🙂 If they are, then, by all means, give me advice.

  2. Never have thought of the aspect of seeking myself as a CEO. Cutting out unnecessary steps and experience make it well worth while to hire a coach and mentor…if you are serious about your goals.

    1. Most of us don’t think of ourselves as CEO but we need to in order to take our business forward. But the key word is as you say “if you are serious”.

  3. Yes, having professional insight is invaluable in any aspect of life! It’s interesting because I have a post about attending marriage counseling with my husband and I have to say that a lot of your points apply. Hiring someone on the outside to make an unbiased assessment and offer tailored support can make a huge difference in your success!

  4. I haven’t done it personally, but I’ve worked for people who have used coaches for their businesses. I’ve always thought it was a great idea!

    1. I am in a group coaching programme now and it is amazing! I hope you invest in yourself with someone you connect with and you will see how much of a leap you will take with the support and accountability. Thank you for your comment.

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