Ep 13 How Human Design Teaches You to Live an Aligned Life

Living in alignment is somewhat a trendy word nowadays. But I am touching on the scarcity part of being in alignment. How it is hard to just be you when you have been coded to follow the norms, the shoulds and what ifs. I found human design to be my way of accepting me.

I am giving examples out of my life through the Human Design (HD) aspect of how it made it easier for me to accept who I am, that my personal traits are not good or bad, it is just ME and that is totally fine

? What I cover this episode;
[2:25] – What I include in my course Metamorphosis and my VIP coaching client meetings
[3:00] – Why Human Design (HD) is important for you to know yourself, your relationships, how you operate
[3:40] – How HD improved my communication with my husband
[6:40] – What I am here to do in my lifetime, my life purpose
[8:10] – Why I am different from other coaches
[9:30] – How to use HD to live an aligned life
[16:10] – Why knowing your design helps you
[17:40] – The mindset shift I went through via HD
[21:20] – Now I allow myself to…
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