Ep 15 How to Use Human Design in Your Business and Life

My guest today, Tia Marie Lawrence and she shared her expertise with us generously in this episode. We talked all about human design, how it can be used for a better experience of business life but also how all the types are different and should use different strategies to have a successful life. We did talk about our lives as different types and how human design can be used to have a more balanced life, a life where you can communicate with your loved ones or with the world in an authentic way.

There is so much to say but we got it to an hour episode for you. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

? What I cover this episode;
[1:40] – How Tia Marie discovered Human Design
[4:20] – What frustrated me about my HD (Human Design)
[5:20] – A great reminder from Tia about HD
[9:40] – The missing piece in HD that has not been shared
[10:30] – The two-part that your Manifestation Framework Part 2 – Attract
[15:15] – Generators and how they function
[16:35] – What respond means for Generators
[19:55] – What respond means for Manifestor Generators
[21:30] – Manifestors and how they function
[22:50] – Manifestors in Business
[24:35] – How to Wait for the invitation as a Projector?
[29:50] – How recognition can be seen as for Projectors to take action
[31:55] – Invitations can be time sensitive
[41:25] – Living life consciously with HD
[45:55] – How to teach your kids about their HD strategy
[46:50] – Reflectors in Business
[49:15] – The key to Reflectors having a balanced life
[51:15] – Important reminder to Reflectors
[53:30] – How to use your Open Centers to your advantage
[58:45] – Tia’s Butterfly Effect for you
Tia Marie Lawrence
Tia is an intuitive human design reader, who loves to focus on how the intuition works through the human design chart to bring understanding to how we can connect deeper with the inner workings of our body’s intuitive awareness. As a 1/3 generator, she brings forward her experience and real-world examples to make the human design more digestible and easy to understand. Her purpose in life is to show others how to love themselves genuinely through being an example of self-love. She is a mother, entrepreneur, and dental hygienist, and has a lot of experience working with children.
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