The Most Important Thing To Be Successful In Business and Life

You might think this thing to make you successful in life is super-duper secret and hard. But it actually is in front of you but it is either not seen or valued for success. It is being HAPPY!

Yeap, plain old happiness is very important for you to succeed in life and business.

Happiness is a choice. I can understand that life can give you hard time sometimes but you are the one that is controlling your life and how you are viewing it. So choose the positive side rather than dwelling in the negative thoughts.

Being happy is achievable by other things as well. Here we have some of them that I use for being happy or bring my energy high.

Add Color to Your Life

Colors are an amazing way to bring your mood up. Can be used in anything and everything really. Clothes, books, notebooks, pens, post-its anything!

Here you have a nugget to think about. What colors are you wearing usually? Is it all black? IF so what are you hiding? From whom?

Journaling/Write Affirmations

Writing is good for everything really! Planning a future, writing out your sadness, sharing your happiness and the list go on.

If you can make a routine of writing things like you want to happen in your life as in affirmation that will help you to boost your belief in it happening and therefore will make you less stressed about the future sale or move or promotion etc.

Dance/Move Your Body

Moving is important for your health and for your body to work properly, but it also produces something called endorphins. Endorphins are your happy hormones.

When you workout, dance, run or take a long walk your body feels good about it and in turn make you feel good. So this is a good way to use your lunch for a walk or step down the bus in the previous stop to walk home.

Eat Well and Drink Plenty of Water

Let us continue with the theme of your body feeling good.

Your body needs x amount of money a day. It all depends on how much coffee or tea you are drinking, how much you sweat, if you are pregnant or if it is warm weather etc.

When your body is getting enough water your skin, bowel and brain work properly. You can simply understand the water amount your body has through the color of your pee.

Food is equally important for your brain as the rest of your body. When your body can process your food easily you won’t be feeling bloated or irritated as when you drink soft drinks like soda or when you eat fast food.

Having the daily intake of required vitamin and minerals are very important for a properly functioning body, heart, and brain.

In short, a happy body is happy to mind in turn happy you.

Be Grateful

Being grateful gives you the opportunity to stay grounded and never lose sight of what is important.

That gratefulness will keep you away from different negativity wells and will always shine on you as a sunlight to bring you up on those difficult days when you have struggles just like everybody else.

I would recommend you to challenge yourself to find different things to be grateful for things each and every day. Make a list of 3 or 5.

Let me take me for example.

This week I wanted to focus on a belief that I want to accomplish in real life (yes it is about my group coaching program Business with Soul Executive) and I needed to be comfortable with my goal because I really believe that I can hit it and I wanted to see if I had anything holding me back with my belief.

I was using gratefulness phrases as if they already happened. Which is working as affirmations, as a manifestation and also getting comfortable with the amount I want to make for this launch.

I did repeat to myself.

I am so grateful for x amount of money I received through my BSE launch.

I am so grateful to be able to help others with Business with Soul Executive.

I am grateful to empower women and give them the opportunity of freedom with the knowledge they receive.

I am grateful to be able to pass down my knowledge of branding and marketing to these amazing women.

I am grateful to do this work from the comfort of my home.

I am grateful to be able to work as many hours as I want.

The list is so long but I said these and many other each and every day. Now it feels like it all have already happened and I am just behind in it becoming a reality because it will.

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Sleep Well

Sleep is important for your body to heal itself.

During your sleep, your brain takes the daily information you had and memorizes it.

Sleep is also important for your immune system because it is searching for “enemies” the best when you are sleeping.

Your intestines and stomach get a chance to rest as well.

I do not even get into the hormonal part of it. Where different hormones are only produced during sleep.

Do you now understand the importance of sleep and how it affects our health and in turn our happiness?

Doing Something for Others

When you are being kind to others or can help them out the feeling and the rush that you feel is priceless. Helping out someone in need is the best anti-depressant for yourself.

You can help out people in so many ways.

You can;

  • Pay for the coffee for someone on the street and bring it to them.
  • Buy a soup and make them warm.
  • Donate your clothes that you don’t use anymore.
  • Donate your time to charities and help them out
  • Help someone out with your skills.
  • Support kids with their homework, art projects, sports, after-school activities.

There are so many ways you can help someone with or without money.

So not doing anything for anyone is not only bad for them but also for you.

Could You Relate All This to Your Business?

Could you relate all these to yourself and your business? Can you see how all of these can bring up your energy, your mood, your beliefs to such a high that you actually don’t need to do any extra work for success?


Your success in business and life will just follow you unknowingly.

“How” You Say?

When you feel good you will treat others much better (not that you treat them bad!) and with much more positivity.

By being more tolerant of negativity and things going bad in your life/business.

You will be much more energetic and you will be able to do more things in your day.

Your ability to attract more people around you just because you are you and positive in your ways and that will result in more connections and in turn of sales.

This is something you do for yourself but will benefit everyone around you but also your business.

Now you tell me… Which of these will you start with to better you and your loved one’s life?

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