Ep 06 The Key to Manifestation and True Happiness

In today’s episode, we are talking all about picturing our lives, business and dreams the way we want it to be. This is the easiest way to manifestation and at the same time the way to make you happier now! 
What I cover this episode;
[1:15] – Why everyone is successful with their manifestations
[1:20] – What visualization means
[3:00] – How to surpass your limiting beliefs
[3:20] -Let’s make those dreams of yours come true
[5:40] – What my movie looks like
[6:25] – How you should be and feel like
[9:15] – The way you can incorporate it to your day
[13:00] – What I want you to do
[13:51] – What this is really about
[14:50] – Why details are good for you and manifestation
[15:30] – What to focus on
[18:30] – How to make life easier

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