Are Your Limiting Mindset About Money, Business, Wealth or Success Holding You Back?

As you can read on the topic, the mindset is everything. Your mindset can be broken down into many different subtopics like money, positivity, business, wealth etc.

Mindset is the system your brain operates at. But this system has been fed with various information since our birth. This information that has been registered in this system called our subconscious have now molded our beliefs without us knowing.

You Don’t Know Why You Fail

Sometimes we have problems in specific areas of our lives. We might have a problem with being in a healthy relationship, having issues with your weight, have problems trusting others, being extremely passive towards your chef, you can2t save any money or spending relentlessly the money you have etc.

These behaviors are maybe disturbing to you but you can’t help but behave the way you do. You want to change and put an effort but can’t seem to break the cycle.

The reason behind is usually the beliefs we have in our subconscious.

We might think as “I want to lose weight” but our subconscious thinks “I need to protect myself from others so let us put a barrier between us” and that is the weight you put on yourself.

Recognize The Pattern?

If you are not happy with any area of your life and seem to have a bad pattern only you have the power of changing it.

But it can happen that we don’t have the energy to do it alone or that you have tried it yourself alone without success. IT IS OK TO NEED SOMEONE TO BE YOUR ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER. You are not a loser for needing that!

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I am going to be covering a good bit of limiting beliefs in my new manifestation online course THE MANIFESTER IN YOU. You can purchase it and change your life with manifesting by thinking positive and overcoming your limiting beliefs.

If you recognize how you act and when you act the way you do it is much easier to break the cycle.

You can prevent behaving like that with the help of others, you can prevent yourself from doing that act by preventing the opportunity to behave like that when the need arrives.

I am going to give an example from my life. If I have junk food at home I will eat it. There is no other way. So I do not buy it and prevent myself to eat it. Simple issue and simple solution. I can find a solution to it because I know my problem and I know when I am acting the way I do. I simply prevent it.

Now not every problem is this simple and have simple solutions but recognizing it and knowing when you act the way you do is a good way to the solution.

What Are The Thoughts That Limits You

When you have a problem you want to solve or just enhance the way you do things, get better at it just connect with your subconscious.

How do we do that?

My way of doing it and that is probably the easiest way to do it is TO WRITE.

There are three ways to do it.

  1. Talk about your problem through your subconscious
  2. Write from the future self where you have solved the problem
  3. Write down everything that comes to your mind about that issue

Take a pen and a big paper (A4) and start writing from the perspective you want to. The important part here is that you need to let go of thinking. Let the pen and your subconscious take over. Let the pen do its work and translate the thoughts in your subconscious mind to your language you know of.

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The other way of finding your issues is trying to go back as much as you can in your memories and see what has been done and said to you about that subject. You need to write everything from friends, family, teachers, colleagues etc.

The list will probably be longer then you thought it will be.

Let Go Of The Problems

When you read the text you will see what your brain says to you. Where the problem lays ahead.

What you think you have a problem with is very different from what your actual problem is about.

Did you have a look at the text? If you are writing in the future you will probably have the solutions to your problem as well. Because (s)he has already solved it and is living the life you want.

When facing the problem, different thoughts, memories you have with others there is one practice that you will do that will free you from all of it.

Ho’oponopono practice.

For each bad memory, bad thought about yourself or your abilities, the bad mindset you say:

  • I’m sorry: for you have gone through this.
  • Please forgive me: for putting you through this
  • I love you: no matter what you do or happens to you
  • Thank you: for teaching me a lesson with this


When you have now accepted and released the heavy weight on your shoulders you are now much lighter and free.

You have now a much brighter path ahead of you that you can take. The energy draining pests are gone! You have much more energy for you to heal and move on.

I am not saying you are worry free because new ones will come up with every new encounter you have in your life.

Planting new beliefs

Now that you have taking care of your garden, your subconscious, you are free to plant new seeds. Seeds of success, power, love, abundance.

You can use the affirmation I have written to you. There are 30 of them for business, money, love, and abundance.

You can repeat them to yourself every second of the day. But the most powerful time will be just before going bed or when you just wake up.

Try to make it a habit of doing it constantly. When showering, when drinking your morning coffee, when driving your car etc.

I am going to finish the blog post with some encouraging words to you. I really do believe in these so you should too!

“You are enough.”

“There is a hidden energy source in you.”

“You can accomplish anything you put your mind to.”

“Success is yours if you believe in it.”

“You have the power to conquer all your limiting beliefs about yourself.”

Now over to you. Which affirmations are you using? Which of these three methods seems like a good fit for you.

3 thoughts on “Are Your Limiting Mindset About Money, Business, Wealth or Success Holding You Back?

  1. Yes! Thanks so much for sharing this. We carry so much “baggage”/limiting belief’s that we pick up throughout our life without even realising it. The Ho’oponopono method seems silly – you think, as if just saying sorry and I forgive you to yourself will do anything! But it actually does work, it’s just something you have to do repeatedly and eventually something happens.

    1. Yes! I did the same practice and it felt so silly! But it had such an amazing effect on me. I had TWO pages long list where I wrote every little negative thing that came to my mind. After the practice I couldn’t remember any of it! I was in shock! I hope it helps you in the same way.

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