Manifestation Beginner and Manifestation Affirmations, does it conflict with Religion?

Do you feel a little weird when you do your manifestation affirmations? Do you think that this is conflicting with your religious beliefs? I am here to guide you and clarify things. Hope it at least ?

*Advice* Take a cup of tea or coffee. ☕ You want to read this slowly to understand it and it is a bit long post. Thank you!✌?

Let me start my own journey regarding manifestation and affirmations. I only started and got to know about this a couple of months ago. I was in front of Denise Duffield-Thomas on YouTube (don’t ask me how I don’t know) and when I did figure out my money blocks and continued to watch her YouTube videos I came across with affirmations.

I was curious!

I was never informed about this! Never did I have come across anything about this either. I mean sure, I did my own positive thinking but not in a way that manifestation did.

I came across with the one and only Manifestation Babe (a.k.a. Kathrin Zenkina) and was instantly curious and wanted to learn more.

The more I dived in the more I wanted to learn. I am a very curious person and wanted to first understand rather than applying.

Give me more more more!

Just about those time I came across with Jess Lively and her show The Lively Show and her LoA Q+A series (especially episodes 264 and 266) and my mind was blown! I was always on the fence because I did not understand manifestation properly. I didn’t even know that it had a name! Hahahah…

My shallow understanding was based on the book Secret (which I haven’t read) and the mantra “Think positively so that you attract positivity”… I mean I believe in the power of positivity but never understood how it could bring you all the material things you ask for.

I always thought it was a bit silly, to be frank with you. Sure thinking positively changes your mood and energy but how in the world would it bring you anything?! Isn’t that ridiculous?!

I’ve always been on the positive side of things and always tried to be cautious about thinking negatively. Because negativity clings to you like mud but not only that, it drains you, makes you tired and not feeling good enough to do anything basically!

Then the explanation by Jess came into my life…

What I understood when I listened to Jess was that THINKING POSITIVELY was only one step of manifesting. There is more to it! She explained it very deeply and how you should approach it.

Manifesting is all based on energy. Everything on earth is made out of atoms that are basically vibrating energy balls (I don’t have time for chemistry people!). Due to all things are made out of atoms we exude energy.

That energy that we give out, that is what we will attract. I am not completely 100% sure due to in physics the opposite attracts but I don’t even care to dive into this. Anyways! (Give me an explanation in the comments down below if know more please!)

We human beings are run by emotions and those emotions change our auras (energy levels and layers) and also our bodies. The emotions will change the chemical structure of your body and that will affect you in the long run.

Let’s take it step by step this is getting confusing…

When you are happy the hormone Oxytocin is being released. When you are in panic mode Adrenaline is being released so on so forth. With this, I mean that what we feel will BECOME a chemical reaction in our body and it will change you!

There are 3 steps to manifesting and you can manifest absolutely anything.

  1. You think AND BELIEVE that whatever you want has already come to you. You are already living it. (Hence the body chemistry)
  2. You work your ass off to make this happen.
  3. When you know you have done everything in your power, THEN YOU LET GO.

I didn’t know about these last two steps. I just thought it was the thinking part but I was missing information even there!

The importance of the BELIEVING is that you need to really really really believe it. So much so that your cells in your body knows about it and that your body moves and lives accordingly. That your body produces hormones and writes it into your brain (with those hormones) that it already has happened.

Let me try to explain it to you a bit more…

What is the everyday quote that we hear? Money attracts money. Why? Because it is the same thing.

Let me give you an example. When you are short on money and need to support yourself. What is the most common thing to do? PANIC! FEAR! Fear of being broke. I would too! But what happens when you are in a panic? You stress and don’t think properly, you don’t even function properly. What energy is that? What would that attract?

Or let me give another example. You and your significant other is probably a good fit for this.

When you get mad at something and you don’t want to talk with people right? And your partner persistently wants your attention just that moment, don’t care about your situation. What happens? You either snap at him/her or you won’t be in the mood and exude negative energy. What will this do to your partner? It will bring him/her down.

What happened here? You gave such a negative energy out that it smudges onto the other person. Think about it now! What did you get in return? Same bad energy and bad mood. Right?!

Universe (as they like to call in Law of Attraction terms) will act the same way. If you are open to receive it will give. If you are afraid and expecting bad things to happen, then you will attract them.

If I go back to my example above about the money; if you think that you already have that money you need and are already grateful for receiving it then universe (in my belief God) will give it to you. Why? The energy finds the missing thing (whatever you wished for) and fills it up. It will come to your energy and fill that gap of yours. Because you are already LIVING it.

The most important part here is that you SHOULD NOT CHASE YOUR WISH. Chasing makes us desperate. That energy is very different from being in peace and relaxed. You wish then you act and you let it go. Simple as that.

Shall we dive into the religion part of things?

I should start by saying that the more Jess talked about how we should be in this manifestation flow the more it felt like she explained how I actually should apply these into my faith and how I should be within my religion. A RECEIVER! (You can just reflect this on your own belief if you want).

Isn’t the mistakes we do when manifesting same ones we do towards Allah (God for you)?

Aren’t we praying and wanting many things but are not patient enough to wait for it? Or wait for the best that will come?

Why is it so hard to be patient when we are waiting for Allah’s plans but not Universe?

Me personally, finding it ridiculous to ask something from the Universe due to my faith. But if I were to be non-religious then I guess it would be perfectly fine to address my wishes to something or somewhere.

What I do…

I ask Allah to give me everything. I simply ask what I want and then patiently wait for it while I am doing everything in my power to get what I want. DON’T FORGET! YOU NEED TO DO YOUR PART AND THEN WAIT FOR IT TO COME TO YOU.

You cannot be winning the lottery if you are not buying it. Do you understand what I mean?

BUT! I am not expecting it to happen because that will be taking me from my end of receiving. We are the receiver end. If I am expecting for sure that the wish will happen and WAIT for it, then I really am not on the receiving end because I will be in the DEMANDING mode, you need to let go.

From the manifesting point of view that is messing up with your energy and will be resisting your wish for coming to you. From religion point of view who are we to demand anything from Allah(God)?

Being stressed about things not coming through or those stupid “what if?” worries that I have is a sign that I am not trusting the process was a huge eye-opener. We need to learn to trust. Trust our loved ones, kids, the universe, Allah, God, whoever you want to trust.

We should ask for whatever we want but without expecting it, because we should be already live it ? This is usually the most confusing part. You know that what you asked for will be yours because it already is.

Being Grateful is the key to happiness!

Being grateful is a huge part of manifesting. Be grateful for everything. You can even do affirmations via gratefulness. As in “I am grateful for the abundance of money that flows to me”. You maybe are broke at the time but believing it and in turn being grateful and thankful for it gives out the right energy for the abundance.

I shall remind you that being grateful will ease up your life and your happiness will be increased separately from manifesting.

My Bigger Understanding

Thanks to manifestation I am now more in line with my faith, my beliefs, my standpoint of receiving. I am now more open to be the hard worker and constantly wisher. It shook me in the best possible way. Gave me many AHA moments with how I should act as a believer.

I am grateful for everything I have AND don’t have. I am happy to miss out on opportunities because that means that was for the best for me.

I am now more positive and more open to receiving. I am doing daily affirmations to motivate me, to get to used to receiving.

My eyes are now more open to my surroundings and how I actually am receiving my wishes.

Reminding that I am still a beginner

I want to remind you that I am still a beginner and that I am still learning. But I see that people could be confused about it and I wanted to give you my way of understanding manifestation.

If you are like me and like your daily rutin to include some affirmations then feel free to download 20 affirmation to your phone and use them as lock screen to remind you the important part of being in the groove.

I am very curious to find out. Share your thoughts on manifestation. Do you practice it? What affirmations do you use?

Is Manifestation affirmation against religion

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