Ep 14 Manifestation Made Easy with Linnea Segerstedt

We all want to manifest things into our lives and we all want it to make fast and easy.

My guest today, Linnea Segerstedt, have her own manifestation framework that she uses herself and also on her clients as an Abundance Coach.
She is here to share all about it and also how she is manifesting her clients, work, money together with all other amazing information.

? What I cover this episode;
[2:00] – Let’s welcome Linnea
[13:15] – HOw long her journey took from engineer to Yoga Teacher
[17:45] – Linnea’s own Manifestation Framework, Align Attract Act
[18:00] – Manifestation Framework Part 1 – Align
[19:00] – Manifestation Framework Part 2 – Attract
[20:00] – Manifestation Framework Part 3 – Act
[20:50] – What is inspired action
[21:15] – When fear sets in
[23:20] – How I see what taking action, moving forward is
[24:50] – Being honest over here…
[25:15] – How do we manifest clients?
[29:00] – How I coach my clients that want to manifest clients
[32:35] – Linnea’s butterfly effect for you
Linnea Segerstedt
Former engineer turned entrepreneur, as an abundance coach and yoga teacher. Manifested my way out of corporate life by calling in a free yoga teacher training in Costa Rica, which allowed me to quit my job and start my business. I now help spiritual women manifest their abundant soulful girl boss life of independence, income and influence!

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