Marketing 101: Marketing for Beginners and Business Startups

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Everyone talks about branding and marketing. Yeah sure, we know what marketing is; it is an advertisement. Is it? I guess it is a bit more than that don’t you agree?

Just like I said in my Branding post Marketing is a sea (no, no it is an ocean) and we will maaaybe go through a cup of it in this post.

Let’s get started with a new BIG blog post about Marketing.

I want to give you a brief description of what marketing is.

Marketing is the art of teaching your customers on why they should buy your product or service.

It actually is very very simple if you think about it. MARKET – ING, you are creating a market for your service or product. It does not need to be a new market per say, but you need to differentiate yourself from the market.

So here comes it again! You need to KNOW your customer so that you know in what way you can reach and influence them. AGGHHH… So many things to know! Right?

Don’t worry ? We will get through this learning process together.

As I said it in the Branding 101 blog post, this is an important part of your business that you need to think of the picture as a whole. All the way from the beginning of where your customer encounters you, what they see or hear about you, to all the way to the customer service or after-sales service. Did I tell you that it is a bit more than an advertisement? ?

All these conscious decisions you make will determine your customer’s behavior of buying from you or not. Or simply if they will buy from you again.

How detailed is marketing plan actually?

You need to think about marketing from the moment you think of producing a product until it reaches your ideal customer.

Planning is essential, and this is where the 4P’s of marketing comes in. Welcome in guys!

  1. Product
  2. Price
  3. Promotion
  4. Place

If I need to give some simple questions for these it would be;

  1. What and how should it be. What problem does it solve?
  2. How much would your target customer group pay for it (is it profitable?)?
  3. What is the most effective way to reach your target customer?
  4. Through whom or what kind of selling channel should you sell it?

Details, Details, Details…

Many of you might not have even though most of these points (yet!) but be aware of them. If you have big dreams, then you need to be prepared.

I do not ask you to do this NOW (even if it is better to get to it right after you read the post), but please be aware of them. For you to be able to reach your dreams and success, you need to prepare yourself for the greater things to happen to you. In short; YOU NEED TO BE GREAT IN TURN FOR YOUR BUSINESS TO BE GREAT.  You can not be your greatest if you just winging it.

I am sorry to break it to you, but lots of planning will be taking place. If you really are passionate about what you do this will probably just excite you. If it doesn’t, think once again about what you do. It will overwhelm you even if you are in love with what you do but the love part is very important for you to be able to push yourself through all the hardships.

Now if I need to put all this work as an overview (as you will see down below), I believe that you can have a better understanding of the workload you will get into. Please keep in mind that you may not be able to implement all of these, but have some outlines figured out for those part even if that is not a reality for you at the moment.

I’ll break it down into steps for you

I should maybe explain you the steps with a couple of sentences or questions. Let me have a look now…

Step 1 – Marketing plan;

Have the tools and gears ready for planning. It will be lots of taking notes. Get into the CEO mind and let’s kill it! We start from here and success is coming on your way!

Step 2 – Do a list of your strengths and weaknesses

It is important to know what things you are good at and vice versa. How will these affect your brand and business? You need to know when to get help when things fall into your weaknesses.

Step 3 – Goal setting

You need to set your goals very high in this one. It is a good thing to have it relatively high so that you know where you want to reach. Now put some business and income goals for your company. What will your overall revenue be? What achievements are you setting as your goals? Put these monthly and quarterly.

Step 4 – Look into your competitors

Who are they? Who do they reach as a target? What social media channels do they use? What selling channels do they use? How do they explain what they do? I mean the list can go on and on if I continue.

Try to find a competitor that you look up to and feel connected with. Start searching within yourself on how that connection has been initialized and became that strong.

Step 5 – Find Your Ideal Market

You need to find your ideal client and give it as much detail as possible. The more you know about your ideal client, the easier will success be yours. Who is your client? Male? Female? Where in the world do they live? Which area in your country? How much do they earn? What percent of that income is set aside for your market? How much are they willing to pay?

Step 6 –What you actually are selling

You need to think hard about this one. You need to know your exclusive selling point. Why should they buy it? Why from you? How is it different from the rest? What is different from the rest? How is your beneficial? What features does it have or include?

Step 7 – Tactic is Everything (Strategy)

I guess playing chess is very important if you need to use tactics in life. Never late to start learning! If you have been able to answer the questions above, now you need to arrange it in a way that will form a plan. So that you see a path from start to finish.

Step 8 – Branding and Pre-selling

Now that you know how and where your products can be sold, you now need to polish it. You can read about branding in detail in my Branding 101 post. When you have given your product or service a total makeover with branding, you are now ready to start selling it. Not actually selling it but selling the idea of it.

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Step 9 – Spend Money to Earn Money

You might need to pay some fees to be able to be seen or heard. Maybe you need to pay a sum to be in a chain store. You will definitely spend money on production if you are making/manufacturing a product.

Step 10 – Results are important to Track

There is something called ROI (Return on investment). You need to know what and how much you are investing and what results (in this case cash) you are receiving. Is it profitable to spend that money? Does it return to you 10x back or how much? Which means you spend 1 dollar and earning 10 out of it.

In short why you need to implement marketing in your business is for;

  • You to figure out how to get your customers attention,
  • You to know how to affect their decision of buying,
  • Doing a simple and easy to understand the call to action for them to buy your product.

You can Pin this picture to get back to it later on.

Marketing steps for beginners and business startups
Marketing steps for beginners and business startups


Different ways of Marketing

As you remember one of the 4P’s was PLACE. There are many ways to market your product or service.

In our age and time, everything is now online and same goes for the marketing, which is called Online Marketing. There are new positions for this, it is called Digital Marketer. It is already huge. I will dive into ONLINE MARKETING and want to focus on that part of marketing in my blog post.

Because I am focused on helping bloggers and business owners that want to be recognized online, through branding and marketing strategies.

Time to scratch the surface of Online Marketing

Due to MANY social media platforms, there are way too many tactics and ways to go when it comes to digital marketing. Let me just give you a small list that comes on top of my head when I think of online marketing;

  • Email marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Facebook marketing
  • Pinterest marketing
  • Instagram Marketing

All these things basically didn’t exist until (I don’t know, 10 years?) newly.

All this data is new except for email marketing. In a new environment, most of us are confused and need to learn the basics from someone who has been there and done that. Let me honest, even the social media platform owners/executives can’t make up their minds sometimes about how to handle the business aspect of their platform. This is very frustrating for most business owners that solely do online promotion.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is probably the oldest marketing strategy in this group.

What it basically is; you gain some followers based on their own will (yes! you do use some attractive freebies or products) to be added to your email list. They will be receiving whatever you send to them. The connection will be made in their inbox, in their private area. 

If you are determined, consistent with your appearance and give value to your content, then people will connect with you. They will take you as “one of their own” or like a “family member” and accept your expertise on the subject you are reaching out to them about.

Then when the time comes, and you set your sales funnel in place, these followers will buy your service or product if it is within the range of what they can spend.

The best possible thing about the email marketing is that you will ALWAYS have direct access to your readers/followers/buyers. You will ALWAYS be there in their email inboxes (unless they unsubscribe). Nothing in the social media platform will affect it. No algorithm crap will harm you.

It is the best thing to invest in. Do it now!

Affiliate marketing

This type of marketing is not technically new to the block. This way of marketing has been used for several years in television channels/programs. But the name is very popular these days (have been a couple of years).

This is very simple, you promote a company’s service or product and that promotion is tracked via a special link. You will receive a small commission on every time anyone clicks and do something on that site (like buying something).

This means that that company pays you for an action your follower takes through your affiliate link. This is categorized under “cost-per-action” type of advertising. This doesn’t need to be purchase all the time. Could be some filling out a survey, leaving an email address and within the time limit they give you if the follower does buy anything you get paid for it as well.

Every company has its own rules and conditions regarding this. Read the term (all the fine print!) so that you know what your audience needs to do for you to receive a commission.

Facebook marketing, Pinterest marketing, Instagram Marketing

I am going to categorize all these Social Media Platform Marketing under the same umbrella because it is basically the same thing.

These platforms have a HUGE number of users and get new ones every single day. What you do here is that you promote your own content and try to get some following on each platform. Through these platforms, you try to get people to your website and hopefully into your email list.

What you need to think about here is that you need to create some kind of community-based on your BRAND. And here we go back once again to my Branding 101 post. It is very important to know your brand, what you want to portray (while being authentic) so that you know what to give your community. Obviously vice versa, so that they know what it is coming, what they can expect from you.

Shall we wrap this thing up?

Let take this and make a list to follow on what to do’s;

  1. Get organized
  2. Make a plan
  3. Get a website
  4. Kill it on social media
  5. Network network network
  6. Advertise
  7. Sell your heart out and your product!

If you want to control your plan and see if you are missing any points in marketing, please get my free Marketing question freebie.

Now it is your time to tell me and share your tip and tricks.

Comment on your best marketing move! Don’t forget to leave your details so that we check out your site ?

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