Ep 22 What is your money limit, how can you manifest easier and increase that limit

Manifesting Money is easy when you are aligned with your limits and know what you are capable of. No need to try to manifest 1M $ when you feel bad even when you think about getting 10k $.
I am sharing a previous live I did in my Facebook Group – Your Butterfly Effect and I hope you will be able to find your limit, get to know how to surpass it and get some detail on how you can increase your odds when manifesting money.

? What I cover this episode; 
[1:45] – How do you reacting to this?
[2:45] – What do you feel about money
[3:30] – Why knowing your limits are important
[4:15] – How to surpass your limit
[6:10] – We all function differently when manifesting
[7:00] – Being specific helps your brain to work towards your goals

The meditations below can help you on your journey to feel better and give you a clear direction on what to do and how to do it. 
Quantum Leap Meditation
Healing Meditation
Mind Clearing – Manifesting Meditation
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