3 Things New Business Owners Need to Do for Success

There are many things that new business owners need to think about to achieve success, aka selling their service or product. So many things to do!

There is a great information about planes. Planes use 40% of their total fuel when they take off.

This means that you will need to put that extra effort when you are starting your business and that it will make the base of your foundation of success.

I will now share the most important things you need to do for success in your business.

  • Visualization
  • Planning
  • Investment


I want to start with that one. I believe this is the most important thing for success. You need to see and feel but also BELIEVE in your future, the future you want to obtain and live! You should have a desire to reach somewhere in your life.

This could be something about your clientele numbers, the amount of money you will earn, how many employees that will work for you etc.

You need to dream of your success and the results you want to achieve in order to have the drive to work towards them.

But remember! Believing in them is the most important part!

Keep reminding yourself the WHY of you becoming a business owner. Those you help and how their lives will improve with you being in service.

Sometimes it can be hard to focus on what you want out of your business (don’t worry I have you covered) and those times it is much easier to focus on what you want in your life out of the success of your business.

Do you want to fly business class? Travel a lot? Buy things without even thinking if you have enough? Do you want to send your kids to private schools? Having their college payments ready on the side even before they apply for college? You name that dream of yours.

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Now only dreaming will take us thus far. Let make this a reality!


Now that you know what you want out of your dream life, we need to get you there!

You need to start planning! But it needs to be reversed!

You need to start from the end and plan it to your day today! Let me explain a bit further.

If your dream is to earn x amount of money monthly, then we should see what you can do with that desire. First, questions!

  • Does your dream income require you to do anything special? OR can it be met with a small adjustment in your current job?
  • Can your monthly goal be met by your dream job you want to start? Maybe start a new job until then?
  • How can you increase your income? Can you ask for a raise? Maybe you can sell a hobby of yours that you are good at? Can you be a consultant for something? Maybe work a couple of extra hours in an additional job that will take you to your dream life?

If you have been able to answer some of these questions we can now take some actions to actually achieve it.

When you are clear on your HOW, you need to know which steps you need to take for that action to reach your dreams.

Let say you need a side hustle job to reach your monthly goal and you want to start your own business for that. Where should you start to reach it?

First of all, decide on what you want to do.

Secondly look at how you can actually execute that job.

Thirdly find your clients you want to sell to.

And lastly, connect with them!

Do you now see the action steps you need to achieve your dream? You might need to put dates on your action steps as well so that you know when to do what.

Maybe you need to put details on your plans like taking a new picture for your page and even need to set a date for that as well or plan it out!

This is the way to plan your dream and actually take action to achieve it.


Sometimes you need to make an investment to actually reach your dreams. Some may be small as 20-70$ that you pay once or maybe it is a subscription that you make a monthly payment that can be something in between like 35-175$.

It all depends on what your dream is.

If you are a blogger and want some traffic to your blog, then you can buy a product that explains how to get traffic from Pinterest. That can cost you all the way from 25$ to 250$, maybe even more!

Maybe you are a fitness blogger or Instagrammer then you will be investing in some visually good clothes and a gym membership that probably will cost you a good amount of monthly subscription.

If you want to build a business and want to actually make money out of it, investing in business coaches that will help you to achieve your dream goal much faster. I did so and I got 2,5 times my investment back with only one client. Yeap you heard me! ONE CLIENT!

Investing in yourself is crucial to earning whatever you are dreaming of earning!

The detail here is to know who to work with. If that coach or mentor will be able to help you in the way you are expecting them to or if you two click energetically. Are you able to connect with her or him before actually hiring her/him?

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BUT! And I don’t like to start a sentence with a but, but there is one here. There is usually one small thing with investing big in yourself. Your limiting beliefs about yourself, your abilities and that you will not make it even if you invest in yourself.

That scarcity keeps you in your comfortable but miserable place. I have written a blog post about that that can help you to surpass that issue or other limiting beliefs.

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I want to give you a good news as well. When you are investing in yourself to better your situation or yourself as a coach, you do the damn work because of that investment! If you want to take that action you need to pay that money. True story!

You know that I am all about helping. That is my call in life!

Now I want to help you as well. I want to give you a freebie that will give you clarity on what your business is about, required details to book your dream client and where you are lacking at the moment, thus can improve.


Now share with me your struggles with building your online business and I will do my best to help you in the comments.

2 thoughts on “3 Things New Business Owners Need to Do for Success

  1. Hey Denis,

    Such a lovely post. I’m currently reading this book, Why Says You Can’t, You Can. And I totally agree with the points you’ve mentioned.

    Visualizing your business and having some clarity is such a helpful tip because it actually works. I didn’t do that with my previous blog and it didn’t take off that well. But with this blog, I asked myself all these questions before starting and it’s paid off.

    Thank you for sharing this!

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