Ep 24 How to Get Your Partner to Believe in Manifestation and Teach Them to Manifest

The link to Metamorphosis: more money, more love, more health

Manifestation is a huge topic that takes time to understand. When we discover something new is it only natural for us to share it with the ones we love BUT it is not always welcomed or understood.
In this episode, I am giving you 5 tips on HOW to get your partner to believe, understand and implement manifestation, energy and woo woo.

? What I cover this episode; 
[4:10] – Tip no 1 – Observe your Partner
[5:10] – Tip no 2 – Accept Your Partner
[5:40] – Tip no 3 – Showcase your Wins
[6:40] – Tip no 4 – Create Awareness
[8:45] – Tip no 5 – Believe in Him/Her

The meditations below can help you on your journey to feel better and give you a clear direction on what to do and how to do it. 
Quantum Leap Meditation
Healing Meditation
Mind Clearing – Manifesting Meditation
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