Ep 23 Why You Don’t Pursue Your Dreams, Your Subconscious works as Black or White

The link to Metamorphosis: more money, more love, more health

Manifesting Money is easy when you are NOT attached to the HOW it will reach you. In this episode, I am sharing HOW to get away from focusing on the how and how to use your brain to accomplish your dreams.
I am sharing a previous live I did in my Facebook Group – Your Butterfly Effect and I hope you will be able to find your alternatives, get to know how to surpass it and get some detail on how you can increase your odds when manifesting money.

? What I cover this episode; 
[3:45] – How our brain works
[5:00] – Your Subconscious fills the gaps because…
[6:45] – Why your brain inhibits changes
[8:15] – Why 3 thing list is important for your brain/subconscious
[9:15] – How to break your brains inhibitions
[12:45] – Example on how to find alternatives
[15:05] – Don’t do what I did
[20:15] – What aligning actually means
[22:15] – What my genius is

The meditations below can help you on your journey to feel better and give you a clear direction on what to do and how to do it. 
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Mind Clearing – Manifesting Meditation
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