5 Reasons Why New Online Business Owners Are Struggling

Today’s topic is something that will resonate with many. Why you are struggling with your business and don’t have succeeded yet as a business owner. I’ll help you to take actionable steps where you will find your ideal client and build your business on a great foundation.

Even if you are not an online business owner as if right now but want to or want to simply increase your influence or at least have a serious presence on the internet you should keep reading.

When you are starting up or want to start a business you are probably going internet crazy and want to soak in every single blog post or freebie to be successful and influential. You simply want to know how I get it.

With that comes many problems; structural and organizational issues. You try to do everything and anything but you won’t get too far with all the effort and hours you put into it if you are not clear on some pillars about your business.

Let us go through the reasons together on why you are struggling and you will see what you do is wrong.

1. You Are Not Ready To Invest In Yourselves Or In Your Own Business

I know what you are saying! “There is no money!”, “I don’t have time!”, “How do I know what to invest in?”. I feel you. I was you. But calm down and I have your back. Trust me.

You probably have a “Freebie” folder. Every free stuff is being downloaded there for your blog or business. Maybe it is called “freebies” who knows! Does this sound familiar? Do you know how I know?

I was you!

At one point I had 97 freebies downloaded into that folder and I still have half of it left because I haven’t looked at them yet, need to filter and see if there is anything valuable to me that I can use at this stage of my business.

I do understand that the Freebies are delicious AND FREE but they are so general and not customized to your own needs. Understand this;


If you have money mindset limitations, I want to invite you to my 5-day money mindset and manifestation training. Where I share all the valuable information via live videos. You will see where you are stuck, how to get past it, how to be open to receive and give.

I have probably written this in a couple of blog posts but here we go again.

If you were ready to be where you wanted to be you would be there. Obviously, you need some help to get you there. Everyone needs and there is no shame in it.

If you want to have a 30 minutes FREE CALL with me so that we can evaluate your situation and where you want to be, I can help you to get clear about what you need to do and give some strategies.

Just click here and book a free call with me 🙂 Simple as that. Or you can connect with me through social media Like Facebook and Instagram. Whichever way you feel comfortable with.

2. You Have Been Fed With Wrong Beliefs For You

  • Having Personal Branding And Logo Done Before Anything Else

You can change your mind and your title how many times as you want and you will probably do it. IT IS OK! Because the more you evolve and become a business owner, your energy and vision will change with it. You might not be satisfied with whatever you have come up with.

I know I have changed my coaching title 3 times because each and every one of them didn’t feel like a perfect hit. That is very normal!

So having a personalized brand or logo done should be your last priority.

  • Having A Business Plan Done

I have read this many places “If you want to build a successful business you need to have your business plan ready.”. I mean… Obviously the more you know about what you want to do with the expenses the better but having a full-fledged business plan ready is only time-consuming and a waste of your time when you are or want to start up.

You probably don’t even know most of the details in it. Some things become clearer with time. Maybe you will change your idea of doing x and will continue to do y. Take as it goes. Write down what you can but don’t do a full-blown business plan.

I have created a questionnaire of 9 questions for you to give clarity on where your business is and where you want to be. How to build that stable foundation for your business.

  • Having Not Enough Followers To Sell/Offer Things To

Obviously what you have to offer can be many things but the important thing here is to solve someone’s problem. Because that is the only reason why someone will buy from you.

Followers are good and you need them BUT you need the engaged and loyal followers. So having 1000 followers is useless if no one is buying from you. But if you have 50 followers and 20 of them buys from you, you are having more success then the account with 1000 followers.

The focus here should be buying, engaging, loyal followers. Not the number of how many it is.

3. You Are Not Focused And Organized

Most of us get excited by the idea of having the freedom of location, time or money by becoming your own business owner.

I still get that excitement even if I am a business owner with customers and have walked the path for a while. You get so much excitement and so many ideas that you don’t know where to start or how to take action on it.

Taking actionable steps that you think will take you somewhere is like you think you are swimming but instead, you are splashing water all around yourself.

You need to have focus and a clear plan on what to do so that you actually are taking a step forward and make stuff happen.

When you are planning on action step you need to answer this question. “Will this action take me one step closer to my dream?”

If that is a YES than plan it out. If it is a NO then it is a waste of time.

4. You Dream The Future The Wrong Way

It is very important to dream and visualize your success and business, I have even written a blog post about this, but you need to do it the right way.

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Dreaming is not enough by itself. Are you feeling your dream? Can you taste it? Do you really want to be there badly? Are you ready to take action for it?

Dreaming is ok but you need at the same time to think (or dream) how you want to do it.

There are obviously many ways to do things but which one is best for you? Which one would feel like a good fit? Which one would help you to take action without boring you or stress you out? It is all about you feeling comfortable and believe that you will make this happen with that action step. That is why it is important to have someone helping you 🙂 Like me! 

5. They Don’t Trust The Expert That Will Be Able To Help HER/HIM Specifically Unless…

You have limiting beliefs about yourself and your capabilities as we all do. This is normal, you are not a failure!

But these limiting beliefs do not show themselves as they really are. So any fear you have subconsciously could surface as “She wouldn’t get me” or “She wouldn’t be able to help me because we are not in the same niche.”, “We don’t have similar lives, she can’t understand me.”.

I have written a blog post about finding and releasing those limiting beliefs. Read it if you want to solve them. Or simply get in touch with me and I’ll help you with a 30 minutes FREE CALL.

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Go To Someone You Believe Holds The Answers

Honey, I am going to teach you and give you the tools on HOW TO BUILD A BUSINESS. I don’t need to be expert in your area, I am the expert on building a business and it is the same in every single industry, area, expertise zone. Same goes for other business coaches but they might have a specialty area as health industry, healers or anything else.

The question you need to answer is “Is she going to be able to answer my problems and support me towards my dreams?”

I am going to make life easier for you and share a HOW TO BUILD A BUSINESS checklist with you and what you need to think about when starting out as a business owner.

If you are interested in it just download it ?

In the meantime, share your struggles with me down belowand I will help you the best way I can.


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