Think Like A Cat And Become A Successful Business Owner

This is going to be fun! You are curious about how a mindset of a can make you successful right? Easy! You should own it like a cat! Because cats think we humans are their pet and not the other way around ?

So being fearful or restricted by thoughts are not something for cats and should not be or you either.

Think About It! Cat’s Are Doing The Impossible!

They can go from impossible spaces, they are able to walk on a narrow path, they can climb on almost anything when falling they land on their feet.

I hear you say “Yeah but they are built that way, anatomically.”. Let me then ask you this. Are you ready?

How are you built? Why would you have limits?

Aren’t there people bending like crazy? Climbing on mountains? Street jumping? Skydiving? Have green fingers and talk to plants or talented with animals and talk to them?

Do you understand that the human body or brain HAVE NO LIMITS as long as you want something and practice it?

Being Successful Is A Mindset

You become successful even before you actually is it on paper. You doing the brain work before the bodywork itself is crucial.

All professional athletes are doing so and are successful for that. It is called Mental Training. They so visualize their wins, how they act on the track or field, how they are performing etc. Obviously, they are working out their bodies to perform as good as their brain as well but mostly it is all about the brain.

Why Can’t You Take Action Though?

All of us are scared of things, steps to take in out businesses. Even before that! Can’t start due to of our fears!

90% of us are blaming the money for us not taking action but it is actually something else deep down. There are some few that actually can’t pay, but those people are also the ones that take action to actually have that money next time around.

There are always reasons to not invest in yourself or your business. Why you can’t pay for coaching or masterminds etc.

Take me for example. I couldn’t afford to take a coaching program because I really didn’t have the money, but next time around (3 months later) I asked for the money from my parent and paid it in full. Took action and booked my first VIP client before the coaching program was over, which is a VIP client before 90 days of my first action step. In total I earn 2,5x the money I invested in the program.

I was sure to succeed, and I took action on it. I believe I would be able to pay it back to my parents without any hesitation and before the year ends. So I did earn that money!

I did take action to make sure the money I paid didn’t go to waste. But not only that, I know for a fact that I am awesome at what I do and that the right ladies will work with me after connecting with each other ?

Now over to you. What fear are you masking as the reason for not having money?

Are you afraid of showing up as a business owner to your loved ones?

Is it that you don’t want to earn more than your partner?

Are you afraid of not being successful?

Could it be that you are concerned about the work you are going to put in?

The list can be very long with many different aspects, but you know what I mean by WHAT ARE YOU REALLY MASKING when you say you don’t have money?

How to Apply This to Your Business?

When you know WHAT (aka limiting beliefs) is holding you back you are more likely to leap into your success and your dreams.

When you have the knowledge of your fears and limits you can actually make an effort of taking action to surpass those limits.

Mindset is the most important thing in surpassing it. You are actually taking action on changing your mindset. You should believe in the opposite just like the cat.

Remember? The cat thinks that the human is its pet, no the other way around. So if you think you will not be able to be successful, think the other way around. I AM SUCCESSFUL.

If you think others will behave differently to you being a boss, think “EVERYONE WILL LOVE AND SUPPORT MY BUSINESS”.

Is it your limit of not earning more than your partner? Then think “ME EARNING MONEY IS PRECIOUS, I CAN BUY, DO ANYTHING AND TRAVEL ANYWHERE I WANT”.

Ready for The Awesome Change?

When your mind is changed, your actions steps the same way and you will not believe how many doors it is opening for you. Because you are believing in new realities and you will be open to achieve and receive more!

Just think about it! How you would work from a place of “I will never be able to do this”, instead of “It will an amazing day and clients are flowing to me”. Can you sense the different energy levels within those sentences?

Ready to Invest in Yourself?

Are you ready to invest in your brain and in the loops of successful thoughts?

If you are ready to achieve success, stepping into your dreams, loving the life you are living, using what comes to you in a powerful way to support your dream. Then you should have a look at my group coaching program Business with Soul Executive (BSE).

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BSE is for you who has an idea and want to make the life of others better through their service or product. Or maybe you have already started your own business but haven’t been able to achieve what you had in your mind and clients are not flowing to you. You don’t have a steady income that you can operate from.

My reason for reason to start my coaching business is to empower women. To give them the tools to achieve their financial and emotional freedom with their success.

What is your why? Why do you want to start a business or have started?

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  1. Admiring the persistence you put into your site and in depth information you provide. It’s nice to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same unwanted rehashed material. Great read! I’ve bookmarked your site and I’m adding your RSS feeds to my Google account.

    1. Thank you for your kind comment. It makes me happy to see you enjoyed my work but also found something that gave you an insight into topics like becoming a successful business owner. Keep following and make sure to listen to my podcast Your Butterfly Effect

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