How is Your Vibrational Alignment, the Harmony, and Awareness?

The most important thing in manifestation is alignment with the source of energy*. Energy is vibration so you need to align your energy, thus your vibration to it.

I am going to start the post by saying that “Vision does not manifest. Aligning does.” And this is so true.

Everyones is Talking About Alignment

Alignment can mean many things to different people. But it actually means to be ONE with whatever you are being aligned with.

How do you know when you are one with it, that is the hard part. That is why many can’t live their lives to the fullest or can’t get to be emotionally involved in anything.

Being ONE is being open, feeling the other thing you are being ONE with. Living and breathing the same way as it/(s)he does.

How Do You Know If You Are Aligned?

This is actually very easy to know. The way your body and mind moves tell you that you are, just focus a bit and you know as well. Knowing your body is a great help here.

You thrive within yourself

You feel positive and good. Being in your body feels light and effortless.

You have balance and lots of energy

You feel energetic and in balance. Not only balanced as energy but also physically with your body.

You feel joy in your life and in your actions

Everything seems fine, everything can be solved, there is something good in everything. Whatever you do brings joy to you. Even the smallest things.

You feel grateful

Due to everything feels good and joyous you become grateful for everything.

Your decisions feel good to/for you

The decisions you take comes from a place of peace and balance that you don’t think much about the decisionmaking and move on with your actions.

You feel good when taking action

Taking action feels like breeze and you don’t feel like working or taking action. It feels like the continues movement of your routine.

You are feeling the high vibration

High vibration is the frequency of the source of energy and you are feeling as if that energy is going through you and being a part of you.

You have clarity

When you are aligned with the source of energy you feel awakened. A door opens up and you can see through it clearly with your body.

Your thought gets clearer because you know what you want out of your life, for yourself, for your family, for your body.

You know your body and the energy around you and how it is affecting you and you make decisions based on that.

You trust it/the process

Due to your decisionmaking source is based on your intuition, your energy, your clearness, you trust in your decisions and that the outcome of it is for your best. Either it happens just the way you want it or a bit different, you trust the outcome.

Things Change Slightly And Your Awareness With It

When you open up your brain and your body to possibilities, to energy, to trust you open up your awareness of your surroundings and the energy flow as well.

You can definitively separate the energy sorts. You start by separating the positive and negative energy by the way it is affecting your body and your mood.

Then when you master that and start practicing manifestation, you start to differentiate the kinds of energy and the feeling around it.

For instance, I can manifest money easily because I know the energy of money.

I can manifest free internet for myself because I know the energy of free things.

You will as well! As long as you keep practicing ?

The Open Door

You need to keep that door of consciousness to subconsciousness open. As long as you have it open, which is very hard by the way, things will be much easier for you.

You WILL KNOW when that door is open.

You will feel that energy flow in and out of your body. The energy that passes by you when you are manifesting. The energy that meets you and finds you.

How To Get Into This State?

Here comes the juicy part! Are you ready?

You should – fake it till you make it.

It is all about doing it backward.

You take baby steps and start from the end and take yourself to the beginning.

Visualising is the easiest thing to take you to the end to start feeling.

Visualization can be done in different ways but the important thing is to FEEL that desire of being ONE with your wishes.

Start with the simple things

Close your eyes and feel grateful for the things you have in your life, in your health. Be grateful for you breathing, walking, moving your hands and feet.

Be grateful for the food on your table, the roof over your head, your family members being in your life.

Feeling of being grateful is important. When you start to master the feeling you can get over to other things to master as feelings. Feelings like being successful, like a money magnet, like a client magnet etc.


Eliminate the thing that brings you down and makes you feel bad, moody, negative, in the state of lacking.

You need to eliminate the things that disturb your body. Watching tv late night, eating a specific type of food (like gluten, soy, dairy etc), having the phone open on your nightstand, snacking late night, drinking some type of drink etc.

Having a good and healthy body makes manifestation much easier. Wanna know why?

Because when you have fewer energy parasites you will feel and spread the kind of energy you want much easier. You won’t be focusing on the pain in your legs, stomach, head etc.

Be In The Feeling Of Having

This is the magic behind manifestation.

You need to constantly close your eyes and think about the wishes you want to have. You need to support it with affirmations.

Affirmations are always in the present tense as in;

  • “I am grateful to have wealth in my life.”
  • “I am a money magnet.”
  • “I am a successful business owner and my ideal client finds me easily.”

Having Your Dreams Come True Is Easy

If you work on yourself, your body and mind things will happen much faster and easier.

Taking action is an important step in manifestation. You must do your part in order for the energy source to do it.

You need to think, feel, believe and act on your dreams in order to RECEIVE it.

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Be Open To Receive A Better Alternative

Patience is hard to get these days. As if it is as precious or maybe even more precious than a diamond.

You need to do your part and then wait for it. You need to wait for it to actually take form and find you.

Think about it! It takes you effort and time (minutes or hours) to take you from A to B. SAME GOES FOR YOUR DREAMS!

It needs to mold into a shape and a physical thing, then it needs to find it’s way to you or even maybe create it’s own path to get to you. IT TAKES TIME PEOPLE!!! Be freaking patient!

Back to the normal me after this rant hahahah…

Things might not show up the way you want it. Maybe it won’t be showing up AT ALL!

Let me repeat it once again.

Things might not show up the way you want it. Maybe it won’t be showing up AT ALL!

This doesn’t mean you are a bad person or you are a bad manifester. Maybe your wish isn’t the best for you and you will receive something that is even better! Something that is totally different but a much better fit for your wishes and dreams!



How do you get into alignment? Let me know so we can learn from you ?

*Source of energy= God, your higher self or Universe. Whichever you believe in.

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  1. I love what you said about feeling awakened after being aligned with your energy. Practicing vibrational alignment is a simple way to feel better overall. My friend wants to learn more about the subject, so I’ll help him find a book that goes over the topic in depth.

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