Ep 17 What is Mindset, How it Affects Your Life, Why You Need to Change it Sometimes

While I was brooming I changed my mindset around cleaning the house in such a way that cleaning will be exciting for me from now on 🙂 I am sharing everything around mindset, why it is important, how you can change it, why you should change it when needed.

? What I cover this episode;
[1:25] – Who am I?
[2:05] – What is Mindset?
[2:30] – How do I know if I have a mindset issue?
[3:35] – When is your mindset created?
[5:45] – How you are possibly blocking or limiting your success?
[8:20] – The way I am convincing my daughter to share her toys to give away with others
[9:30] – How I changed my mindset around cleaning the house
[10:35] – Why is it important to change your mindset?
[14:30] – How to level up easiest
[16:45] – How my Magic works and helps you manifest your dreams
[17:15] – What is my superpower
[18:25] – Why is it important to believe

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