What is Your Life Purpose and How to Find it

What is Your Life Purpose and How to Find it What is Your Life Purpose and How to Find it What is Your Life Purpose and How to Find it What is Your Life Purpose and How to Find it

Life purpose, this is something many of us seeks for in one point of our life. Some find it earlier, some never know but think that they have found it.

Life purpose is something that is beneath our consciousness. It is in everything we do. Our choices, steps we take for our career, why we hate what we hate, what makes us happy and probably the most important thing is WHAT FULFILLS US.

Before I get into the details of the importance of finding your life purpose I want to give a bit more explanation around it. Because even if it easy to describe it with two words as life purpose, it is very deep, very important, very crucial for our happiness and our sense of direction.

Before you continue I need to give you the notice that this is an important subject to read so get comfy and indulge all the information. You might want to get a tea or coffee and read it. I am sharing a bit of my way to find my life purpose to be able to show you that it is not hard.

Find your life purpose and find your super power

Your superpower

Your life purpose is why you are brought to this life for. IT IS YOUR SUPERPOWER IN THIS WORLD.

You will have a hole in your life if you don’t know your life purpose. You will probably jump from one thing to another, depending on what it is.

You will probably not be able to settle emotionally with a job or like it if you can’t find your life purpose.

Some people feel that hole to be so big that this affects their own life or commitments in their lives and their relationships.

Searching for something

When you don’t know what your call in this world is you will search for it. You will do this unconsciously actually. You will change job because you will blame your boss, your payments, your conditions etc.

You will leave a partner after another because you won’t have the feeling of the hole being filled with that relationship.

Do feel lost?

Not clear on what you want?


Lack of focus?

Discouraged to take a step to your dreams?

Do not believe in yourself?


Do you have to know it?

It depends.

It does not affect your decision on immediate life or death. No, it doesn’t.

But it helps you to live your life with quality, with peace, with confidence, and with direction.

That doesn’t hurt, does it?

I know Your Struggle, I was there!

I did have a tuff pregnancy and a very difficult afterbirth experience. In short, too much blood loss and a near-death experience (without me knowing it).

Anyway, I was affected by this not so beautiful birth and my trauma was a bit different. Mothers will understand me here. I was not scared of my life or health, I was scared as *blip* for my daughter’s sake. Nothing should or could happen to her because of me.

Due to this underlying trauma and thought I didn’t (almost) allow anyone to feed her, change her diapers, bath her, babysit her, you name it.

I wasn’t like the crazy lady but I was firm with what I wanted and didn’t want.

I didn’t want to go back to work because I didn’t want someone else to take care of her. They would never know how to take care of her, I thought. Thankfully we were economically stable so that I could stay at home.

The fog eventually cleared

I got better with this problem when she turned a year old. It probably was a milestone for me. She was living and breathing perfectly ? Started walking and started to show her personality with a bit of communication.

The working bugs arrived

When she was around 1,5 I started to feel the bugs to work.

First I didn’t understand it. It started with me feeling a bit restless.

She could take care of her self a bit more each day. My time was a bit more cleared and my I started to have a daily rutin of thing that I could do where I enjoyed it.

One day a question came up in my mind.

“Now what Denis(e)?”

Yeah, now what? BLANK!

I didn’t know! What do I even like nowadays?

Do I want to work?


Do I want to go back to my work where my boss wants me back?


What do I want to do with my life?

I want to be my own boss.

Sure, but what will you do?

I don’t know. I can’t go back and be a science woman. Not when I have been away for so long.

OK, let’s think here and see the possibilities. Maybe a Google search could help?

YES. What can stay at home mother do for a job? 

Now that I am so clear with my purpose, thinking back to this conversation is so pathetic to me.

I was so lost that I almost didn’t even know who I was. I didn’t remember what I enjoyed, didn’t have time for my other hobbies like taking care of my orchids and reading books.

But I also know that many women feel lost in their own life scenario and with their circumstances. I know I am not alone!

Thanks, Google! Thanks, Pinterest!

I did Google it and found some good articles but none was a good fit for me.

First of all, I wasn’t living in the US, so half of the jobs were not available for me. Time zones did not match up as a bonus.

My alternatives were;

  1. I could be an interpreter (something I did as a parttime job when I was a pharmaceutical student at the University of Gothenburg) because I had the experience and I was really good at it.
  2. I could sell some handmade stuff. I am skilled with my hands and I am crafty so I could easily do this.

You guys might think why I am not doing anything related to my pharmaceutical education. I will get back to it.

Anyways, my husband is always supportive of me on everything and anything. So I bought a sewing machine and planned out everything and how I will do things. I even read a book about a business plan making by 2 women who started everything in their own kitchen table.

I bought a domain, made some small stuff on the webpage and started my trial products. They were really good!

Then I was discouraged by something and I started looking into different areas like embroidery, baby’s first book, baby’s first toy, felt toys, string art etc.

Don’t get me wrong, I would kill it! But I never got to actually do anything!

Something was always holding me back and I used to like a billion reason not to do them. Money, time, resource, the energy you name it.

Find your life purpose and find yourself

Let the Search Continue

Previously I had a lifestyle, DIY and food blog. Something I did just for fun as a hobby. I thought I could get serious with it and looked ways for how I can take it to the next level.

Then, I somehow came across with Melyssa Griffin and her course with Teachable. I loved the idea of making a course and put it into the world and let them sell it for you.

I initially thought that would be a great opportunity for my husband because he is the real deal when it comes to Real Estate (he is a broker/owner in one of the most valuable places in Istanbul) and I still believe he could change the world of real estate with the way he thinks, plans and execute.

I am asking him questions EVERY DAY about how he takes decisions and what he would do, how he acts on things that happen in his business life so that I can learn from him.

What about me?

So, the webinar was over and I thought “I am GREAT at teaching people and give them whatever information I have and I am very good to break it down and give it to the needed level, it could be a kid or an 80-year-old person with any background. It doesn’t matter.”

But WHAT would I teach? WHAT would I share and earn money?

My Doors to my Consciousness Opens

Another webinar from Melyssa about goals and how to reach them came and I took the opportunity to attend it.

Her explanation about the OUTER and CORE GOALS was an eye-opening moment for me.

She mentioned life purpose and I knew at that moment that I need to find mine. Otherwise, I would be like a leaf in the wind that will be blown away every time a wind comes by.

I NEED to Know Me

What is the most important thing for me? Why is it?

Why do I want to work?

What am I good at?

What do I want to accomplish?

There were many questions I needed to get deep into my soul to be able to answer them.

If you are giving an answer right the second without doing the proper soul searching then that probably isn’t the real answer. You will understand why.

There are many questions that need to be understood and replied many times over.

If you are interested in finding it and ready to do the proper work then head over and grab the Life Purpose Workbook. It is FOR FREE, have it in your inbox in minutes.

I Found It!

I found my call. HELPING!

I love helping people. That is something that fulfills me, something that gives me joy, something that I love to see when I look back that the small tip and tricks I share with people and how well they are doing.

Your call will be a 1-2 word thing.

Nothing worldly. It needs to be a need of yours. An action, a feeling, something that you feel the force to do.

Mine is helping out others. I feel the best when I can give a hand to someone no matter what. It could be economical, emotional, business tip etc.

I have been accused of some stupid things when I tried to help others but was praised as well.

When I look back why I wanted to become a scientist this was the reason all along. TO HELP HUMANITY with the smallest thing I could discover. The work I put in research could have helped thousands of people with some disease.

This is the reason why I never wanted to work as a pharmacist. It is not exciting FOR ME to hand out medicine day in and day out.

What now?

Now that I did a very hard thing for a person to do.

Dig deep and take that diamond out and make it shine. Polish it and spread that shine to whoever wants to be a part of that beam of light.

I was a lost soul as a new mother.

I didn’t know what to do with my life.

The only thing I knew was; I want to be my own boss and share my time freely with my family the way I want to.

But now that I know what my life purpose is it has given me many things like;

  1. Courage
  2. Direction
  3. Motivation
  4. Clarity
  5. Strength
  6. Confidence
  7. Decreased Stress


Now that I have everything set and systemized I am honored to help others.

I have already done that and gotten good feedback about it. You can see it here.

Are you ready to find your superpower and share it with the world? Just fill out down below and I would happily send you some emails.

If you feel like you are getting better results with a human touch and that you feel better talking about it, then I would LOVE to be there for you.

You can always book a time with me for 30 minutes FOR FREE and we both can see what we can do to change the course of your life for the better.

I am so excited and hope that the feeling gets over to you on the other side of this screen.

I love helping others and I love to see women become their own selves and see them empowered and beaming confidence.

Helping one woman is helping many because she will continue to educate the ones around her and help them.

This is the reason behind why I am so passionate about my coaching business.

Over to you…

What is your life purpose? Share it in the comments below when you are done with the workbook. Love to hear what you have to say.

Thank you for reading the post. It means the world to me.

Take care…

What is Your Life Purpose and How to Find it

68 thoughts on “What is Your Life Purpose and How to Find it

  1. I have just graduated from university, and I am doing just this: trying to find my life purpose. I do not know what it will be yet, but you did try many many many things before finding yours, so I need to continue trying new things to find mine! Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Congrats on the graduation Chenille! Yes, I did try many things but that was before my soul-searching. You will probably try out many things and that is OK. You just need to know the CORE NEED of yours which is your life purpose. As long as you can figure that out, you can always find that CORE NEED in whatever you do.
      I hope that you find your call, your superpower and rock this world with that gift 🙂

  2. This is such a lovely and inspiring post! Whilst I love helping people, I know I am not yet at a stage where I believe in myself enough to honestly think I have anything that could be beneficial to others, but I hope to one day. I know my plans for the next few years, and I hope to grow as a person as I cross off my goals, learn new things, and have new experiences. Hopefully once I have grown a bit, I’ll be in a place where I can use my skills – whatever they may be by then – to help others too.

    1. Hi Indya. Thank you for your comment. I would like to say that I am respectfully not agreeing with your thought. You only need to be 2-3 steps ahead of whoever you are helping. Which means that you do not need to wait years and definitely not wait to be “knowing all” person for it. You can book a call with me for free and I can tell you more about it!
      Hope that you sign up for the guide and find your call 🙂

  3. Thanks, Denis, for sharing your insights on such a big, deep question that faces so many of us. However vague and general this question, it’s by no means a simple one for many of us to answer. It took ME a long time. Cheers!

    1. I agree. Most of the people do not even recognize it and won’t be finding it in their lifetime. It took me quite a while as well to find and it was not easy. That is why I am sharing my workbook on how to finding it. It is an easy system to implement. As long as you are honest and open with yourself, there shouldn’t be any problem finding it. It will be waiting for you, with open arms 🙂

  4. I love this line: Your life purpose is why you are brought to this life for. IT IS YOUR SUPERPOWER IN THIS WORLD. A great read! Thanks for sharing!

    1. YAY! I love that my passion and enthusiasm are getting over to your screen and you can feel it as well. That is what I truly believe, that everyone has a superpower. It is just a matter of knowing and using it correctly.
      Thank you for your lovely comment 🙂

  5. This is such a wonderful and inspiring post. Doing a little soul-searching and discovering what drives you is so important. I think a lot of people forget to really listen to what they want and what actually motivates them.

    1. Thank you very much for your lovely comment. It is very loud with content and our brain can’t just have the break to listen to what your body and soul tells you.

  6. I loved this post! It really is eye-opening. I have always felt my life’s purpose was creating art, but I never really got to start mastering it, mostly due to having to work to pay bills and rent. But since I have been blogging, my heart has been pushing me more and more towards creating some type of art. I just think that we all need to take more time to listen to our souls.

    1. Thank you, Michele! I love that you got reminded of your love for art and creation. I just want you to think your blog as a creative outlet as well. You are constantly creating there. Your website itself can be a statement of your love of art. Other than that I will say that give time and do what you love regarding creating art. Even if it is half an hour a week do it! It will have a massive effect on your soul for the better. Please keep me updated on what you create! 🙂

  7. Denissine I really love your post,my purpose is just like yours,am an African here in Malawi,am 20 now,i have been trying to connect myself to my true self & be me,but I hàv3 been finding it difficult to live to my true potential coz of other reasons,I do also have a great burning desire within me to help other & make this world a better place than I found and I appreciate your post has given me some insights that I can use,thanks!!!!

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