Ep 05 How Knowing Your Gifts Will Attract You Everything You Need with Samoa Blanchet

In today’s episode, we are joined by Samoa Blanchet and we are talking all about websites and how she uses her intuition in her business. How she effortlessly draws clients to her and how success is following in her business just because she is using her intuition. 

If you are interested in learning why a website is important, how to hire someone for it, why knowing yourself is the key to success and how to use it, you are more then welcome to join us in this episode. 
What I cover this episode;
[2:50] – How Samoa started her entrepreneur journey
[5:20] – How she has differentiated herself from the crowd
[3:45] – This is how I deal with energy vampire family members
[7:35] -How she is using her gift for success
[12:05] – How knowing yourself will affect everything in your life and business
[12:20] – Great way to magnetize people to you
[18:20] – Why I prefer to work with women mainly
[19:45] – How do we know if the person we want to hire for our website is right for us?
[20:35] – How Samoa uses her intuition when working with clients[21:50] – The difference between web designers. Who are you hiring?
[25:25] – The reason why we have websites.
[26:05] – What she recommends new business owners to do.
[30:20] – Her point of views about different website providers and who should use which.
[32:35] – What her Butterfly Effect is for you.


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